Design your template in blogger (step by step with images)

A good template creates a good impression of the website. Also, people like to visit the website again and again if they like the template. So, if you wants to create a good impression on your audience. You have to choose a good template for your blog. You have to choose your template according to your niche. Design your template in such a way, so that it suits your niche,

Changing and designing your template in blogspot is not so difficult task as it seems to be.
Here, I`m telling you step by step how to change or design your template in blogger.

  • Go to your blog, click on the design.

  • Click on template. There you will see your present template which is applied at present. Also, you will be able to see the template for mobile. Along with a desktop template you should choose a good template for your mobile visitors.

  • Click on custom. Now, you can change your template and design it the way you want.

  • You will see a number of templates, choose your template whichever you like that suits your niche.

  • On the top you will see a grey stripe having options template, background,adjust widths,layout and advanced.

  • Click on the template option to choose your template for the blog.

  • Click on the background option if you wants to set a background of your choice. You can set any image of your choice. You can also set up an image from your computer.Click on the background image where the box is made.If there is an option for remove image then click on that first. Because to set an image you have to remove the image which is already applied.

  • After that you will see a a box containing select your background. You can select your background from there. Also, in that box there is an option upload image. From here you can upload any image from your computer. 

  • After your selection you will be able to see the background.Click done.

  • After that click on adjust widths. Here you can adjust the width of your blog, side bars.

  • Then click on layout to choose the layout you want for your blog. To left side bars or right side bars or footer layout.Choose one for the footer layout and one for the body layout.

  • Then click on advanced. Here you can change the background of your main blog. Change the colour of your title of the blog,page header,blog description,tabs text,links,post title,date header,post footer,gadgets,images, accents. With add css you can put your personalised designs. 

  • Click on Add CSS and put your code.

  • Your designing is ready. Now click apply to blog.
Your blog is ready. To change the mobile template. Again go to template, click on the dial. Choose 'yes' if you wants to show mobile template . Choose 'no' if you wants to show desktop template to your mobile visitors. Well, personally telling choosing a mobile template is better than desktop template for the mobile. Then click on choose mobile template and click on custom. Now you can change your mobile template. Click on preview to see. Then save it.You are done.

Hope this helped you, any questions you are free to ask .If want then you can follow us by giving your email below.
Thank you.