How to add pages to your blog?(blogger)

Normally we see all our posts in our blog lined up all together. To present them in a better manner it`s better to categories them. And for the convenience of your visitors you should add pages to your blog. Now question is how to add these pages? Don`t worry here`s a tutorial step by step hope this will help:

  • Go to all posts . Click on edit post. Click on labels and add a label for your post ,say for example psychology.Update your post.

  • Follow the same procedure for your other posts which are in the same category.

  • Open one of them . When you will open them at the end of the post you will see a label(say psychology) which you had given to your post.

  • Now click on that label(say psychology)

  • When you will open that you will get a link on the top. Copy that link.

  • Now, go to layout , choose the section where you want to show your pages.

  • Add a page gadget. Click on the page gadget.

  • Click on select all.

  • Then click on add links . Write your page title(say psychology) , add HTML( paste your link which you had copied)

  • Click save. Then don`t forget to save arrangements.

You are done. To see the changes view your blog. Now you will be able to see a tab bar where your page is there.Click on that page and you will see all your posts of that category on that page. Repeat the same process for some other posts.If you want to show your pages in an order which you like ,then just click on them and drag.
Thank you.