How to create a static home page for your blog?(blogger)

A blog looks beautiful with a home page. A blog impresses the visitors when it welcomes them. To welcome them you should have a static home page. Whatever articles we post it goes directly to our home. If we categories them and create a static home page , the presentation becomes better.

Here is a tutorial step by step to create a static home page for your blog in blogger:

  • Go to your blog, click on design.

  • Click on pages, then click on new page. Here, create a home page for your blog say for example, ' Welcome to the mouse playground'.

  • Publish it. Now, see your blog. You will see a page has been created there. Click on that page. On the top you will see a link , copy the end portion .(/p/home:h
Now, the next step is to make it static,which means whenever your visitors will visit your blog they will land on your home page. This is done in order to welcome them.

Make sure that you have already added pages to your blog and have categorised them. If not then do it immediately. If you want a tutorial then you can see my previous article , I have given a tutorial there on 'How to add pages to your blog?'.

  • Go to layout. Click on your pages gadget, edit. Then you will see your home page there. Click select all. Then save it.

  • Go to settings. Click on search preferences.See the custom redirect. Click on edit.

  • Now see where 'from' is written , put a slash in that box(/). And where 'to' is written paste the portion which you had copied earlier.

  • Click on permanent, save changes. 
Now, you are done. See your blog, you will directly go to your home page which is welcoming your visitors.

I hope this article helped you and any query you can post your comments.

Thank you.