How to insert widgets in your mobile template?(blogger)

When we set our widgets we do hope to attract our visitors but what if they all come to our site through mobile. We also have to get attention of our mobile visitors.

Usually Wordpress and Blogger does not show widgets in mobile templates. But you can show by doing some settings in HTML.

Here is a tutorial step by step:

  • Open your blog, go to design.

  • Click on layout. See the gadget where you have put your widget.Click on edit. Look at the top click there and look for the widget Id. Save it.

  • Go to template. Click on the dial beneath your mobile template. Click on custom and save it. This enables you to change your mobile template.

  •  Click edit HTML beneath 'Live on Blog'. Click on jump to widget. 

  • Now look for the widget Id which you saw in your layout.

  • Click on that.

  • Now where you will see: <b;widget id=HTML16 locked=false title='' title=HTML visible=true>...</b:widget>, write mobile='yes'. After locked false.

  • Now save your template.
It is done . Now, whenever you will go to your site using mobile you will be able to see the widgets there.Follow the same procedure for putting other widgets in your mobile template.