How to improve your english?

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English is the most demanding language in all over the world in todays date. A person with fluency in english has more scope of getting jobs in MNCs or any other private sectors. Also, fluency in english gives a wider opportunity in your career.

English act  as a medium of communication among almost all the nations of the world. It becomes very difficult for a person not knowing english to communicate with a person from a foreign country.Here is why  english is an important language all over the world.

This does not imply that learning english will support linguistic chauvanism. When it comes to linguistic chauvanism , its we who supports it by thinking a language to be superior than others.
Feeling proud on ones language is good but thinking ones language to be superior than others leads to linguistic chauvanism.

Now coming into the thing that how to improve your English?

  • First thing you should keep in mind that nobody becomes a brilliant with in one day it takes time. So, same thing applies in your case too. Believe in yourself and work hard accordingly. You will surely get what you want.Don`t get into depression from negative things. Know your strength , you can do whatever you want.

  • Next is you have to read grammer books. Only attending english classes won`t help you much. You have to take  a step from your side also. 

  • Read more and more. Read novels, articles, newspapers, magazines,books, etc. These will not only keep you update with the happenings all around you but will also improve your level of language.

  • Write as much as you can. Write stories, articles, diairies, etc. Give your feelings your own words. This will enhance creativity in you. Creativity does not comes by birth. It is developed over the period of time.

  • Don`t worry about your marks in English exams. It will surely improve with time.
The main thing is reading and writing . These are the only key elements which will help you to improve your language.

Another thing is there are many people who have a very good level of english. But they face problem while speaking. They can write in their very level but when it comes to speaking in fluency they get sturck.

The problem is we all usually think in our mother tongue or any other language with which we are mostly familiar with. We don`t think in english. This may seems to you curious but this actually happens if you take notice.

When we are thinking in some other language and try to speak in english , it takes time in our minds to translate . And that is why it becomes a hurdle for us to speak so fluently.

Some times you might have wondered how these foreigners speak so fluently? The answer which we get is that its their mother tongue and that is why they have this kind of fluency.

We all too can have that kind of fluency if we too can have that environment. But the thing is every time it won`t be possible . Then we have to create that environment. You can listen to english songs, you can watch english movies, ets.

But the main thing which you should keep in mind is thinking in english. This is the main thing which we all skip. You have to try thinking in english all the time . Then only you will be able to speak fluently.

Reading , writing , thinking and speaking are the key elements which you should follow. Other than these you should study grammer as much as you can. Even if you can`t take english classes then also you can learn it on your own.

Always keep a dictionary with you. Whenever you are struck with any word, look for the meaning in your dictionary. Also, when you know the meaning try to use it in your daily life. This will help you to learn new words .

English is a language in which daily new words comes into existence. So, there is no end. This is one of the easiest language in the world to be learned and is the most highly demanded language in all the MNCs all over the world.

A person thinking of joining an MNC should work on his language because even if he is elegible for the job then too he may get rejected because of his language.

So, dont panic . Learning english don`t take much , just it takes few efforts from your side and your dedication. Its the dedication which brings one to his highest peak of success

All the best. I hope if you follow the aforementions then you will surely improve your language.

See you in my next article:)


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