How to come out of depression?

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Depression, a major problem faced by people commonly nowadays. Depression hits a person when he is caught in negativity. If it is not cured at the right time the result can be worsen and often leads to suicides. The major reason for suicides  all over the world has been observed is depression. Especially, teenagers are the main targets of depression.Who suicides? The one who is coward, the one who has lost his self confidence .Life is a struggle. Even the ants too struggle for their lives, each and every creature in this universe struggle to live. You have to struggle for whatever you want to achieve . Giving up , will result in lose only. If you give up very soon, you will never get anything. Though whatever you have to sacrifice for your aim, sacrifices will give you many things in return .
 Now the question is how to come out of this depression?
Depression takes over your mind when your mind is filled up with negativity, to tackle this depression you have to throw out all the negativity from your mind. You alone cannot throw out this negativity , you also have to stay in a positive environment.If you are there in a negative environment, it will be very harder for you to get out of this depression. To generate positivity , the best remedy is meditation. Meditation rejuvenate positivity in your body and brings inner peace.
Build up your self confidence, you can do whatever you wish nothing is impossible and nothing is difficult.Be positive, do not think that you can`t do anything and don`t feel that you are alone in your struggle , God is there with you always.
It is not easy to think differently, it needs lots of courage. To bring a change , you have to struggle you have to be very strong in your will. If you are doing something for a good cause, no matters what, the victory will be yours.To tackle depression there is another way. For a moment think this world doesn`t exist, this is just a dream. Thus, whatever happens doesn`t matter. Everything is fine.
And finally, do meditation. It is the best remedy to cure depression. Do you know we all do meditation in our daily lives, how? Meditation is actually thinking deeply on something. In our daily lives, we do think deeply on some or other thing but this does not help us in generating positivity. The reason is our topic for meditation is negative. You have to think about something which makes you feel good. You can meditate on god, yes that is the best. Sit in a dark room where there is no disturbance and practice meditation daily. You will soon tackle your depression.

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