Do we need motivation even after getting our success?

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Life is a journey with never ending miseries and pain. In spite of all these, we get some or other thing which motivates us always to move ahead. What is that thing? Do you have that thing in your life which motivates you always to move ahead? Is that a person or a word or just a feeling?

It's hard to find out but still, we can do some effort to find it out. Moving ahead without even looking at the back is not a cup of tea for many. But there are few who can do this easily. What makes them do this? We face many things in life. Many memories which can never be erased from our minds, some bad some good. Is that all in our hands? Can we erase some of our bad memories and move ahead with out looking at the back?

The answer is yes. It is possible only if we have some motivation. Now the question is from where does this come? At every point of life, we need motivations. Life is filled with ups and downs. We need motivation when we are in the down phase. Also, we need motivation when we are in the upper phase of life.

One may ask, it is true that we need motivation when we are in the down phase of life to rise up again. But why do we need motivation when we are in the upper phase?
 The answer comes here. We need more motivation when we are in the upper phase of life. Success does not have a single meaning. The meaning varies a lot from person to person.

For a poor man, success would mean to be rich some day, for a student success means better career, for a competitor success, means to beat of his competent, for a seeker success means to find out the knowledge of enlightenment. Since success varies from person to person and so its outcomes too.

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Do you think after getting your success your  journey will end up? or it will go on?
Think about it for a while. I won`t answer this.

So, our question was why there is a need of motivation even when we get it.

Success does not come alone, it carries a few of our enemies too along with it. Are those enemies some outsiders? May be and may not be. I am for sure there are few enemies which are insiders. And they are with in us only.

These enemies won`t let you live up your success. They will take away your sleepful nights, your happiness, your peace and sometimes your loved ones too.Who are they?

They are your ego, false pride. Ego is known as one of the biggest enemies of ours. It not only make you fall down but also will take your strength to move again. And then you need the motivation to move ahead. A person who has this motivation right at the upper phase never falls down. Becuase the motivation will never let that person fall down.

We all have to find out that source of motivation. Some times we have some agents in our lives whom we called motivators. Some times it's there with in us only. These motivators do wonders in our lives. They are the only one reason for our success. Do you have any such motivator? I am very sure you might be having. Even if not then you might be having that with in you.

Always remember one thing, motivation never comes from a single source. It comes from many other sources as well. And that it is a time when you have to find out your source of motivation. It often becomes difficult for introverts to find out their source of motivation as they don't share much with others. But when they get their source of motivation they do wonders.

Me, Human, Man, I, Self, EgoistSometimes we think our parents are our only motivator but wait, open up your mind there are many. We may not know all of them but they are our motivators who motivates us always. How?
Even if you do not share your feelings with everyone but there will be many who knows you.

It is not necessary that motivation will give its introduction then it will motivate you. You have found it out on your own. There are lot many people, lot many things which motivate us. Just we need an open mind to find it out.

To take motivation the first thing we require is the source. If we are able to get the source, then it keeps on motivating you. A motivator can be an unknown beggar, a flower, a blow of wind, a drop of water.
It totally depends on your perception. How do you accept them? A person who needs motivation may not always get that but the one who wants to get that may get it.

The only which you require is the determination and high spirit. Motivation will come to you on its own if you have your strong determination and high spirit. You may not have to put your efforts to identify your source of motivation. It will be clear on its own. Your determination will show up your motivation to you.

Do we all require motivation? Or only a failure requires it? 

The simple answer to this is yes, we all need it. Whether an achiever or a struggle, it meant for all of us. As we talked about before. A successful person requires motivation to fight his enemies. Ego is one them and the biggest one. How does motivation help to fight with that ego?

You will have to think about it and I know you have the answer with you. Do give your answer in the comments section below.

Thank you, readers, for this journey with me, see you again in my next article:)


  1. very important topic.. mostly after getting success our thinking change and sometime we become lazy also..
    this post is a good lesson for those who just got success or almost near it..


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