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Tips to cut off social media

  Yes, you read it right “tips to cut off social media”.   We all are living in an era where social media is just a part of life, where it was meant for acknowledgment and entertainment purpose. Somewhere or other we all are addicted to it, accept it or not but it’s true. Now the question comes, why one has to cut off social media? It is an integral part of our life, from morning to night, our each and every activity is linked with it. But isn’t itself should be a reason to cut it off for a while?   Now, let’s think about it. We all are a generation of 21 st century, our fastest moving life needs it. NO DOUBT. But somewhere, we are missing a lot of things, don’t you feel? Like, when we are out with our friends or family, spending our precious moments with them. We do think that we are spending time with them, the reality is contrasting. We stay busy in our devices; clicking photographs, making videos, editing , putting graphics, designing, trying to make it look g

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