Sunday, 12 March 2017

The vicious cycle of Karma

Karma, What is karma?
A simple answer which we hear from people is work. How can we define work?
Work is what we do, willingly or unwillingly, consciously or unconsciously.

Work can be defined in many ways and the results are always according to them. If you will bow a seed of a neem tree , it will grow up as a neem tree. It won`t become a mango tree.
We all know what we do is what we get.But still there is a question, Do this cycle ever ends?

Whatever we have done, we will get that back and the cycle goes on. Take an example. As per Bhagwat Geeta, If you kills an animal in your present life. The animal shall kill you in return in some other life. So, the cycle continues. And never ends.

This is not our first life, we are not at all new to the world. It's just we have forgotten everything. In every life we take birth, we learn to speak, walk , eat, we grow up, get educated, earns money, get married, have children, grow old and faces death.

After that, as per our deeds, we take another birth and the cycle continues. It has been so long for all of us being here in this 'vicious cycle of karma' also known as 'karma Bandhan', that we all have forgotten our actual identification.

In every life we keep on working even if we don`t want, still, we had to work. And we are caught in this vicious cycle. If you think deeply you, yourself have seen so many things in your life, sometimes you may feel a few things to be very easy and others being very difficult.

The reason is you don`t remember them. In actual you already know everything, but you have forgotten them due to  illusion. The things which you remember slightly seems easy and the things which you do not remember appears to be difficult.

Everything is there in our minds, but we have to realize them . Realizing your own self is the knowledge of eternality. And we all are in that quest. Our journey will not end until and unless we realize ourselves.

The bonding of this karma Bandhan is so tight, that even if we try millions of our lives, to get out of it we won`t succeed. It is possible to break this vicious cycle only by the please of the lord.

To get out of this cycle of karma, Is it worthy to be karma heen or work less?
The simple answer is no. Karma is not only earning money, working for the house. Even you breathe, not, eat sleep these are also karma.
Why are we caught in this vicious cycle of karma? Because our own mind is attached to the outcomes. When we eat we do expect our stomach to get full. If it not, we eat more. Its such a small example. In our daily lives , we do so many things and behind each and every thing there is ran expectation. And this expectation has made us caught in this web.

As Lord Krishna says , in Bhagwat Geeta. One can easily release own self by doing work with out expectation. That means no attachment with the results. This is the only way , through which we can be out of this web.

The power of this illusion is so strong that even if a person tries to get out of it , the person gets caught again and again. It seems to be difficult , to do something without expectation.

One cnanot become a sidhda yogi, in first attempt. Seekers practice since many births then they are able to get what they want. Freedom form this cycle. This cycle of karma has lead us fall in the circle of births and death.

A simple difference between a materialistic person and a spiritual person is that , one knows himself and the other one don`t. And this simple difference makes both of their lives too drastic. One laugh in tears and the other one cry in pain and sufferings.

It is hard for a materialistic person to understand this cycle. Only a spiritual person can understand this concept of karma. Because the spiritual person has realized himself and the material person is still in the dream.

What is that dream? That dream is this illusion. A simple example of illusion given in Shrimad Bhagwat Purana will make the concept more clear. Consider a container filled with clean water, is placed under the dark sky. The reflection of moon will appear in that container.
By seeing that reflection, a small child can think that there are two moons. One is , in the sky and the other one is in this container.

But the reality is too drastic. In actaul there is only one moon and the other one is just an illusion.
Same is with all of us. The reflection is this world and the small child is we. Due to illusion we consider the joy being in the materialistic things but the reality is the joy is in the bliss. And bliss is God himself.

From many of our lives, we all are carving for joy , bliss. But we never got that and caught in the cycle of karma. Because we were searching for the right in the wrong place.Whatever we see is just an illusion , what really exist is God himself.

The supreme power, which governs the universe is God himself. A spiritual person shall never be confused with a religious person. A spiritual person can be a religious person or may not be. And religious person can be a spiritual person or may not be.

Religiousity helps one to become spiritual. Only if the person is not misdirected. If the person is misguided , the person may caught in the worst web. It is truly said that hell and heaven are made by us only. Our deeds decides our future.

Self realization is a must, when you will know yourself, you will be able to know the truth.
The cycle of karma is never ending and it can end only when our mind will get detached from this material world.

Don`t have expectations from any thing. Let it come the way it wants. You will get what you had done. Expectations will attach your mind with this material world. Stop expectations, your mind will slowly get detached and sooner you will be able to realize your self.You will be able to come face to face with the truth.

Friday, 10 March 2017

Things your mother would have never told you

It is said that God has given us mothers because every time it won`t be possible for him to come and protect us, so he has given us our mothers who are no less than his own reflections.

Yes, that is a true fact and we all know this. We all know this very well how caring our mothers are, how loving they are. They understand our each and every problem. They know us more than we know ourselves. Think about a newborn baby, who don`t even know to speak. Even at that time also, it is the mother only who knew everything, our needs, our discomforts, everything.

Such a great personality we have in our lives but there are times when we become careless for this person. Your mother knows everything about you, she knows very well when you cried. She knows when you are in trouble, even if you don`t tell her.

But do we know them? Do we understand them? Do we know all her problems?
 Maybe we will be knowing some but still, there are a few things which she would have never told you. So, today I`m writing a few things out of them.

There would have been many nights when she might not have slept the whole night. And we are not even aware of that. It could be when you fell ill. Even when you were preparing for your exam and you did not sleep, that time too she remained awake. The only reason, you didn`t sleep. You might have taken a good nap after your exam. But did your mother too did so?

No, she remained busy the whole day. Didn`t complained about anything, not even shared with someone.
One may ask why is this so? Isn`t she comfortable by sharing this with you all?The reason is, she doesn't want you to become worried for her.

Many times this happens, when we have our favourite snacks and ask our parents to  have them. But they refused to say, they don`t like it. 
Why? Because you like it. They want you to get satisfied whether they get it or not, does not matter to them at all.

A mother gets her first unseen beloved when you enters her life. She gets a life full of enthusiasm. Does not matter how painful it was to give you a life. It was you who changed her life. You were the only angel, for whom she had waited for so long.
She got her unseen love in you.

Before your birth and after your birth. She took you always. Whether she had a back pain or a jerk in her foot, she took you with her. 

Mostly when there is a family chaos between teenagers and their parents. Teenagers usually think that their parents does not bother, if they cry or not. But the reality is very far from their thinking. 
It is true that they were rude to you at times, but it is true that they were sad when you were upset.

A mother can sacrifice everything for her child, she can fight with the entire world alone for you. She can stay away from her family for more than decades but she can`t live without for even a single moment.
Her love is never ending, she is a divine personality.

We can never repay her but at least can try to understand her. We are very lucky to have her in our lives. Even if you have a fight with her, does not matter. Just go and say sorry. She will forgive you.
She is the only one in this world who can forgive you a number of times even god will forgive you that times. She is above all.Don`t let her share a single drop of tear, that will become a curse on you. Do your best to make her smile.


Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Things you did in your school days

School time is the best time of our lives and it is the most amazing time when we get our initial friends, a protective environment, loving teachers and all. Who would not miss his/her school days?

Of course everyone. And the best is the nostalgic feeling which grews in everyone whenever we remember those charming days. School buddies are the best buddies . I`m sure you won`t get such buddies ever in your life.

Today, I will take you to your school days. Hope you will enjoy reading it.

In our school days we did lot many things. A little bit studies but more of fun.

6 out 10 will be among this category. Whether you had a  proper sleep or not , there are students who sleep during the class. And then starts their stories.

Your mother would have given you  full lunch box but the hunger still remains until and unless you eat your friend`s lunch.

Everyone had to go through this at least for once in their school life. Whether it is willingly or unwillingly , you had to prepare an excuse for coming late to the class.

This happens only here , where you do not even know his/her name. But became friend in the examination room. You took the risk for an unknown and became his friend. Although everyone knows that it is not right to help in cheating but everything is fair in love and war, examination is also a war only.
Those were your coping friends, friends from your homework to your examination.

Nobody can forget that , maths class. The only thing to do when everything blows above of your head, is to sleep while keeping your eyes open and hands in constant writing.

Students need just a small excuse and they are out. The annual daytime or any event is an golden opportunity to everyone, just move out and roam around the whole campus.

Although newspapers are meant to keeps are updated about the happenings all around. But in school it serves a different purpose. The moment a period gets over, the fight began.

Bunkers can never be avoided while remembering the school days, in fact they add colors to our memories. Yes, it's true that bunking should never be promoted neither I`m promoting here. It's just my experience with a few fellows in my class. They teach you none, but yes one thing you can learn from them . It is the outcome of bunking.

Being is not always bad but sometimes good too barring to a certain extent. These students will never go from our minds , they added colors in our boring classes.

It will never end if we remember our school days, it makes all of us nostalgic but these are some sweet memories which can never be erased from all of our minds. I have shared a little bit of it.

If you too want to share ,do share by commenting below or you can do a guest also.

Thank you readers , see you in my next post : )

Sunday, 5 March 2017

How to allow guest post in blogger?

Guest posting is an amazing way to create traffic to your blog. You might have posted a lot on your website but now you want others too, to post on your site. That's great, it will help you to build up relation with other bloggers, which in turn will definitely provide you good traffic.


Guest posting is writing on someone else blog as an author. You have to write as per the guidelines issued by the administrator. Guest posting is usually done to get traffic and creating a goodwill for the writer.

Guest posting is always done as per the guidelines of the administrator. If you are a newbie then you must do a guest post as it will help you to get recognised by others. Also, it will help your readers to know about your site.
An effective guest post helps one to get a huge traffic. So, you have to write in such a way which can help you to get a huge traffic. Your post should be meaningful and should be able to get your readers attention. Your post should not make your readers get bored.


If you are a blogger in blog spot then allowing guest posting is quite different from others, for example in WordPress to allow guest posting you have to use certain plugins.
The case is not the same in blog spot.
The first and foremost thing you should know is if you allow guest posting it won`t dilute your rights.
Your authors can only write, share and edit their posts only and they have very limited options.

To add authors follow the steps as stated below:

  • Go to your Dashboard.
  • Click on settings.
  • You will get your basic setting.
  • Below you will see the option for 'add author', here you can add as many authors you want and can remove them anytime.
  • Click on that option.
  • Write the email address of the author whom you want to add, then click on 'invite authors'.
  • You can invite as many authors as you want.
  • An invitation will be sent to your authors and when they will accept their invitations they can then post on your site.
  • Later on, if you want to add your authors as an administrator, you can also do that easily.
When your authors will accept the invitations, you will be able to see their ID below your one. Beside their Id, you will see an option as' author'. When you will click on that you will see another option below it as' administrator'. When you will click on the 'administrator', your author will be added as an administrator in your blog. And he/she will be able to enjoy the same rights as you enjoy.

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See you in my next article. Till then all the best and keep blogging :)

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Patanjali Swarn kanti fariness cream- Review

Click on the image for more reviews

Patanjali has taken a big share of a market, it has spread its products world wide. Especially when it comes to cosmetics, when people hear that the things are natural and effective that too available at such a cheap rate, it actually takes their attention very fast.

Although I have been using Patanjali products from a few years and almost I like all the products except a few ones. Today I`m writing a review of the newly launched beauty cream ' Patanjali Swarn Kanti Fairness cream'.

Usually, Patanjali products are inexpensive are easily available but his newly launched product is not so. It has a quite expensive rate but is actuallly very effective. When it comes to beauty products whatever we get in the market is usually composed lots and lots of chemicals. And even if we get herbal products either they are too expensive or they give us satisfaction. But products of patanjali has a good image, their products are not only inexpensive but also very effective.

Although this product is quite expensive but it does show good results.

It has a quite impressive packaging. The outer pack is a cube shape and the inner container of the cream is a small bottle. The inner container may not look hygienic after some time due to regular use but it will keep the product safe and can be easily carried.



Use in a cleansed face twice a day on the face and neck. For best results use regularly.

PRICE: $12.95 or 400 RS.

My experience:

It has been three years since I`m using Patanjali products and they are actually quite impressive. I ave used almost every beauty product of patanjali and I liked almost all. This, when it has the first time, launched a fairness cream, I took a trial of it. Everyone was expecting patanjali to launched a fairness product and now it has actually launched it. 

When I saw the price I was quite depressed by the price as it was quite unexpectable but when I used it gave me the result. So, now I`m ok with the price.

As it has said, it is totally made up of natural things and if you have a sensitive skin like me then you are at the right place. People who have a sensitive skin, cannot try many things especially those products which are mainly composed of chemicals. For sensitive skin, it is always the best to use natural products. 

Now coming to the performance, it has been quite impressive. It gives a sheer golden look when applied which looks quite unnatural but after some time it looks good. It gives fairness, with regular use but like other fairness creams, it is temporary. If you keep on using the product you will get the glow and when you will not use it, your face will back to the same.

It has not reduced my blemishes but I can see the reduction of dark spots on my face. It does moisturise and even out skin tone. The texture is good, easily absorbs. This cram is suitable for summers but not in winters.

So, if we talk about the overall rating then I will give 4 out of five.

If you are a person with sensitive skin then it is advisable for you to give a try to it because it is not safe for you to try that product with chemicals. This cream is suitable for all skin types.
The price seems to be quite expensive but when you will use this product you will get satisfied.

Here, I have shared my experience with you all and now do a share of yours. Just simply comment below and you can also subscribe if you wish to.

You may not get this product in every retail shop, just simply order online from amazon. I have made your work easier. Here is the search box off amazon below. Just search " Patanjali swarna kanti fairness cream".

Saturday, 21 January 2017

'A secret for success you'

Life is a journey full of struggles and miseries, and success is the reward for all these struggles. We all do struggle a lot in our daily lives in order to get our aim. Sometimes we do succeed and sometimes we do not. A person who has failed a number of times has more talent than the one who has succeeded in the first attempt. It is true that if one has never failed, then he had never learned.

Failure is not a threat but an opportunity to discover yourself, to know and analyse yourself.
Sometimes we do try a lot, we do work hard but still, we do not get the success. What could be the reason? Is that because our hard work was not enough or something else?

One can learn from his mistakes, only if he works on his drawbacks. If you are not working on your drawbacks then you can never achieve your goal.One thing you should understand that whoever you are, a student, a businessman or anyone. If you want your success then you have to analyse yourself. You have to know all your strength and weaknesses. You have to know about your opportunities and threats.

Today I am writing on self-analysis. A week ago I had attended a workshop on this, conducted by Dr Sandeep Jain. In that workshop, I got an important key which is needed to attain our success. You might have seen people asking about how to get success? I would say the question itself is wrong. The question should be off instead how to analyse yourself? If you know your strength and weaknesses then you can achieve whatever you want.

We all know about SWOT analysis. You might have heard about it a lot, in schools or any other premises but did you really ever analysed yourself? Did you got your strength ?.

First of all, what is the strength? Is that any kind of energy or any kind of power? 
The answer is the strength is nothing but the absence of weakness. The moment you will abolish your weakness you will gain your strength. We usually think in a way like, " I am good at this and that so this is my strength or I am not good at this or that area so that is my weakness."
The thinking process is itself wrong. Weakness arises only at that place where there is a lack of attention. And strength is always there but your weakness hid it from everyone.

One thing you should know about SWOT analysis is that it is nothing but a thinking process which can change your life and can do wonders. If you are a struggler and you want your success to be in your hand then you should do your SWOT analysis. 

Now the question is how to do it? It's a matter of great sorrow that in our daily running lives we do not get much time to know ourselves, to think about ourselves, to analyse ourselves. And analysing oneself should be the first and foremost thing to be done. To analyse yourself, sit alone for a while. Switch off all your mobile phones and do a meditation. Close your eyes and think deeply what all you have done, how should have been done and what were the drawbacks? The moment you will rectify yourself you will get your strength.

SWOT Analysis contains four elements: Strength, Weakness, Opportunity and Threat.
We have already talked about the first two elements, not let us talk about the other two. 
The first thing here we have to know is what is an opportunity and what is a threat?
Opportunity and threat both are contradictory but both are always there in the same circumstances.
Opportunity is your positiveness which takes you beyond and a threat is your negativity which makes you fall. Your positivity brings you an opportunity and your negativity brings your threat.
The more positive you are the more you get opportunities and the more negative you are the more you get threats.

Now, for example, a person is working in a cafeteria and he has got a chance to participate in a television singing competition. Here if he is positive and think" I can become a singer if I go there" So this is an opportunity for him. But if he thinks in a way like" I may not win that competition and also I can lose my job " So, this will be a threat for him. This person has got an opportunity as well as a threat. 

Many people think that we can get success only if we can eliminate our threats and choose out the opportunities. But we should understand this very well that threats bring opportunities and opportunities bring threats.

It depends on us, how do we perceive them. If you have threats in your lives then you have opportunities too. But what if we do not have any kind of threats? We won`t proceed further. In that situation don`t wait for god to create threats for you. Create your threats on your own. You may think that why I am saying to create threats instead we should create opportunities? But it is also true that threats bring opportunities with itself and it is easier to create threats than to create opportunities.

So, to get your success you have to analyse yourself. Know your weaknesses and bring out your strength from that. Similarly, create your own threats and get your opportunities. Talk to yourself for at least once in a day and you will know a lot about yourself. SWOT analysis is an important element in our lives which plays a vital role in our success.

 Do it for yourself and you will know the results.

Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Best 5 skin lightening winter cream

Winters are special indeed and your skin too. Skin lightening is the latest craze all over the world. Well, i will say you should not run behind others. You should be happy with yourself, you are unique,you have your own complexion and that is the best.
When it comes to skin lightening, nobody does a magic it just reduce melanin in your skin. Melanin is a cell which protects your skin from harmful rays but excessive melanin results in darkening of the skin. All the skin lightening products in the market try to reduce this melanin in your skin. You cannot change your complexion but can get your glow back.

In winters your skin needs special care. Mostly winter products make your skin dull. But there are some products too which won`t give you the same. In summers you do use skin lightening creams which lighten your complexion but all goes to vain if in winters your skin looks dull. Don`t worry, there is no need to use those winter creams.

Here the best 5 winter creams with effective skin lightening, which you should try.
For more details click on the image
This is one of the winter cream which I like the most. It has shea butter which is composed of natural ingredients that help to regenerate and nourish skin.  It gets absorbed easily.The most amazing thing about this cream is the coconut, it moisturizes well and also lightens the skin with regular use.  

This is a skin lightening cream with a good moisturizer. So, you can use it in winters as well as in summers. The specialty of this cream is it fights acne and hyperpigmentation. So, this is a perfect winter cream as well summer cream if you face acne problems.It gets absorbed easily and does not remain oily. Use regularly twice on a clean face to get best results.

It prevents the formation of free radicals. It alleviates skin tone variations caused by exposure to UV rays.It reduces dark spots and moisturizes skin with effective skin lightening ingredients. It gets absorbed easily and does not leave greasy texture.

For more details click on the image


Click on the image for more reviews
For others, review  on this product, click on the image

    It is a powerful whitening cream with effective skin lightening
    ingredients.It is an excellent facial moisturizer and sunblock.
    It is an excellent remedy to remove age spots, freckles, and uneven skin tone.
    It also protects from harmful rays and moisturizes your skin.It get easily absorbed
    and best for winters.
These were the best 5 winter creams with effective skin lightening which I like the most. You 
can also try any of them/ Remember do a patch test before using any beauty product.
See you again in my next post.
Fair lovely is already popular in India, it has all the ingredients to give effective skin lightening results. It moisturizes well and protects your skin from UV rays. Best for all skin types.

Friday, 6 January 2017

Blogging tips for beginners

Blogging is now growing very fast all over the world. Also, this is the most efficient way where one can turn his passion into profit. Coming into this blogging world is not very difficult but staying and earning, in the long run, is quite a difficult task. It takes time and nobody becomes a millionaire in a day. Here are a few tips which you can apply and it may help you.

  • First of all, do motivate yourself each day. Do not get demotivated. Being positive is the most initial task in any field. If your perception is positive towards your task then you can complete it with no issue. Whether you do not get much traffic or you are not getting subscribers or not much likes, doesn`t matter. Let it go and do your best.

  • Second thing is, be patient. It takes the time to earn in this field. You may take a few weeks or months or even years. But you will succeed and the day you will succeed you can earn in billions. Usually, a number of bloggers come in this field but they quit as it takes lots of time.

  • Focus on the quality, you should focus more on the quality of your posts. Don`t just keep on sharing on social websites or any other place, try improving your quality each day. Use your grammar correctly. Try to write in a simple language so that more people can understand it. 

  • You should have an audience for your writings. You should choose your target audience and then write accordingly.So that your visitors can get exactly what they want.

  • Choose a design for your website which suits your niche the best. Design attracts your visitors if visitors like your design they would like to visit your page again and again.

  • Keep posting consistently. Usually, search engines catch those websites who have a consistency. Keep in updating your blog. You can post in a week. That is quite better. If you blog is about news then you should post every day.

  • Write down your post whenever you like. Blogging is different from any other work. If you do a job or any other business you can schedule a time for your working but blogging is about creativity. Whenever you get an idea just write it down then only.

  • Keep yourself calm while writing as this will enhance your creativity. Creativity is not a talent but is a skill which is developed. 

  • Believe is yourself, do not quite. You will get a lot many things which will try to divert you. There may be at times when your family, relatives, friend might demotivate you. Do not pay attention to them.

  • Blogging is a work which is independent. That's why I like it the most. You can share whatever you like or dislike. No need to think of what others will about you because nobody has the time to think about you. They all are already too busy with their own lives.

  • Everyone is a writer. You are also a one. If you are a passionate writer then this is the best thing for you. Listen to your heart and do. 

  • If you are writing on spirituality then pour your heart in your writings and it will be amazing.

  • To earn in your blog you have to make sure that you have huge visitors. You should good traffic. You can get that by sharing on social websites, guest posting, .etc.

  • Try writing long posts as this gets search engines attention, which will result in huge traffic. Use links in between your posts, this will give you traffic from search engines.

  • Have an objective. The whole focus is on " Why do you write?" not on " What do you write?".Be focused and have a target for your writing. As I have said earlier have a targeted audience and why will anyone read your post? What will they get out of it? Be meaningful and give your best. Your goodwill will benefit you a lot.

  • There is no hard and fast in blogging. It's all your hard work and time. You have to work accordingly.

  • Read as much as you can. Visit others blogs, read their content and leave thoughtful comments.The more you read, the more you get better. See what is their design, their font style.

  • Write in shorter paragraphs, it makes your post look attractive.
These all were a few tips for all newbies, hope it helps and you succeed.

All the best. Any query regarding blogging, you are free to comment and you are most welcomed to subscribe. Also, you can like my page on facebook.

Friday, 30 December 2016

Best way to take care of skin in winters

Every season has its own speciality. There are some whom we like the most and there are some whom we do not like at all. Winters are very special for me and I like it the most. The chilly weather with new festivals, and bringing up of the new year. All these things are awesome for me. There are few things which require special attention during winters. We become lazier, we lack drinking water, our body-mind everything needs special attention. The same is with your skin.

During winters our skin become more dull, rough and dry. The care which we used to take in summers won`t work now. It needs something else, something more special.
We all use winter products to protect our skin but it needs some other things too.

  • First of all, you should use that winter cream which is best for your skin. Also, there are home remedies too if you are not willing to apply chemicals on your face. You can apply ghee, milk cream, butter on your face. You might be thinking that it will smell bad. Don`t worry you do not need to apply it like your face creams and keep for the whole day. There are other procedures for that. If you are using milk cream or ghee, then you should apply it in the morning then keep it for 10-15 minutes. After, that wash it properly with bar or any face wash you use. You will notice that there won`t be any smell and it will keep your face moisturised the whole day.

  • The next thing is your body lotion or body oil. Nowadays people are using body oils. You can do that. And as you know there are a few best old answers for new age problems. The another old remedy for this is the coconut oil. I have heard people saying the benefits of this. And I myself have observed a lot. It makes your skin glowing and it has natural SPF 10. So, in winters too you will get SPF.

  • The most important thing which we often do not pay much attention during winters,  drinking more and more water. It is quite difficult in these days because the more you drink water the more you feel cold. So, you can have warm water. This will make you more comfortable and will also keep you warm. 

  • Another thing is exercise. Ooops, exercise that too in winters. 
Exercise will keep your body active and will also help in blood circulation. Yeah, it's true that it is hard to wake up in the morning and do exercise but you have to do it. Well, there are some other ways too. You can have music system on while exercising. If you are a dancer or like to dance then its a great thing. You can enjoy your exercise time. Exercise not only means push-ups and all. Dancing is a good part of it.
  • Do not sleep over 7 hrs a day because the more you will sleep, the more you will gain your weight. Even don`t lack sleep it may also lead to increase your weight. Also, if you have a proper sleep it will revitalise your skin and makes it glow.

  • Substitute your normal tea with green tea. I always prefer green tea because the benefits one get from it are uncountable and also intake of tea is not healthy. Researchers have found that it reduce your calcium and iron. So, in winters or in summer you should intake green tea.

  • Nighttime is the best time for your skin to revitalise. So, that time is too precious for your skin. Brolin has always be known for its benefits. Brolin can do amazing things for your skin. It will repair your skin at night and also revitalise it for a healthy glow. 

  • If possible then do not take bath in hot water, You can use warm water. Hot water actually takes the moisture from your skin. So, it is advisable to use warm water instead of hot water.
These all were a few things which you should do follow in winters to take special care of your skin.Your natural beauty is the real beauty you have and it is your duty to maintain it. Winters are meant for enjoying the sun.Do, go but take care. 

Tuesday, 29 November 2016

The never ending journey

Life is full of miseries , sufferings and pain but still it is so amazing. It is truly said that life is a journey and this journey has lot  many obstracls and we have to clear them all to move ahead.

This journey begins when we come in this world and ends when we go back. But it stills continues. We all think that the journey ends when people die but actually it doesn`t , it still continues and it will continue until and unless it gets the destination.

Our journey has not started in this life, it has started millions and millions years ago. In each and every life we have proceeded towards our goals and still we are proceeding.

In each and every life we have realized some or other thing. That thing is the truth. Why do philosophers think differently from us? The reason is they have realized that thing, which we have not as yet.

Realization comes from observation. We all experience lot many things in our lives, but we don`t observe them. When you will observe them , gradually you will be able to realize the truth.

Experience is the best teacher, whether it is of yours or someone else. We should learn from others experiences. Books can`t teach that what experience teaches.

Our life has many stages, many colours, many tastes and they keep on going and coming back forth. You might have observe this thing, that in our lives we come across to some people whom we had never expected to meet again. Why is this so? This is known that karma chakra.

What you give is , what you get. If you had given someone even a single penny, that person will have you give that back in some or other life. This is how the cycle keeps on going. This journey never ends , not even after life. It still continues.

When we take our next birth, it continues. One may ask, 'Do this journey starts all over again from new birth?' The answer is no. It continues from that point where you had left it in your past life.

Now, the question is why this journey? For what ? This journey is for the immortal bliss. Every soul is a part of that bliss and so it has the quest for that bliss.

We are a part of bliss and so our quest is for that bliss. And in each every life we are proceeding one step towards it.

You might have seen priests and philosophers having too different mind from us. They are so peaceful, they are always at calm . Why is this so? If we all are the souls . The reason is they have proceeded more further in their journey than us. They have realized the truth in them. They have realized this world to be materialistic and has no bliss in it. The ultimate source of bliss is the Lord.

Having knowledge of the truth and realizing the truth. Both are different. We may have the knowledge but until and unless we realize we can`t proceed further.
When we will realize , soon we will get detached form all these materialists.

The knowledge which you have got in this life, is the fruit of which you had done in your past life.
And whatever you will realize in your future is the upcoming of your present life. Your past austerities have make you know all these things. There are many who knows that they are the souls , there is no bliss in this material life. But still they are attached to it . Because they have not realized it as yet.

The moment you will realize , you will get detached. Detachment never implies cruelty, or becoming a monk. Both are different. The one who is cruel , he is selfish. And the one who is detached , he is selfless. A detached person not necessary will be a monk. It can be anyone. It can be a person sitting next to you but you will not be able to know that.

A detached person is a priest , he is a saint. When detachment comes,  it brings selflessness. Detachment is the medicine for affection.

If a person is saying that he is getting detached ,so he is becoming cruel. This is not true. He is becoming selfish. The person who is detached can never be cruel and is selfless. His selflessness makes him a true lover.

Many people have this misconception that ditachment can`t make anyone love but in actual can make some one a true lover. Because detachment makes a person selfless. And a person can love some one truly only when he is selfless. The condition for love is no condition.

In each and every life, we have heard this knowledge but we have not realized it as yet. When we will realize it we will move towards our goal. And in some life we will achieve our destination.

There can be a question,'has anyone achieved this destination?' . The answer is absolutely yes. There are many examples, like Swami Vivekanad, Ram Krishna Paramhansa, Meera Bai, Tukaram, Saint Kabir,.....and many more.

They all have completed their journey and has achieved the bliss, for which are we searching for so long.

In our journey, we all make a mistake. We all search it in the material world where there is no bliss, but just the reflection of it. We have this misconception and so we are still in this journey.

We all will reach our destination because our journey is never ending . Not even after life. It will continue till we reach our ultimate destination.

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