Tips to manage stress

Stress has  become a common problem nowadays. Whether it is a school going student or an adult it is the same. What do you think, why has this problem evolved? Earlier too people used to work but they didn`t get stress. Even today, in rural areas people do not get stressed. They too work the whole day like us. What could be the reason?

Well, in comparison to a rural life and a city life, people living in cities have more stress. People in rural areas rarely have stress and even if they have it is only to the adults, not the children. But here in the cities, stress is well known to all. Is it our lifestyles which have to make this difference?

We can say very well that in cities people live like a machine. Yes, it can be said very well. We people living in cities rarely have time to talk our families, relatives, neighbours,..etc. But in rural areas, they will talk after every five minutes. At every place, they have there some or other acquaintance. But in cities nobody has. In rural li…

Games we played in school days

This world is amazing and has amazing people. People with different personalities, with different opinions, with different looks, different habits are all around. And hence, it becomes very difficult for all of us to understand each other. But it is really amazing to see that mostly people with different opponents make a strong bonding.
We all miss our school life. The teachers, chalks, blackboards, benches, school campus and especially our friends. We can never forget them. There might have been some with whom we had lot many fights but still, they are a piece of remembrance for us.
School life is the best life and so the best are our classmates. Although nowadays, children are busy in their video games, mobiles, laptops, ...etc. and they are only closed to these screens. What about going outside and exploring? Does anyone have the time?
At our times we played a lot many games and they all are depleting now. These games not only used to keep us active physically but also keep us ment…

How to improve your english?

English is the most demanding language in all over the world in todays date. A person with fluency in english has more scope of getting jobs in MNCs or any other private sectors. Also, fluency in english gives a wider opportunity in your career.

English act  as a medium of communication among almost all the nations of the world. It becomes very difficult for a person not knowing english to communicate with a person from a foreign country.Here is why  english is an important language all over the world.

This does not imply that learning english will support linguistic chauvanism. When it comes to linguistic chauvanism , its we who supports it by thinking a language to be superior than others.
Feeling proud on ones language is good but thinking ones language to be superior than others leads to linguistic chauvanism.

Now coming into the thing that how to improve your English?

First thing you should keep in mind that nobody becomes a brilliant with in one day it takes time. So, same thing…

Dishes for Navaratri Fast

Fasting during the Navaratra's is very common in the northern parts of India. But people from the counterparts of India are hardly aware of this.

In these Navratri, nine deities of different forms Lord Durga is worshiped each day. The actual purpose is to satisfy goddess Durga. Well India is a country with various cultures and traditions. And this is the reason which makes India more beautiful.

Usually people who are just doing this fast the first time have a question that how to keep this fast?
So, here is the answer. You can do this fast Nir Jala or fal aahar. Nirjala is when you do not drink even a drop of water for seven days. And Fal aahar is when you intake only fruits.

Generally people do this fal aahar as it is not much difficult to do and it is beneficial for the health too.
This fast is kept from the first day to the seventh day. On the eighth day, people break their fast by worshiping nine girls and serving them.This is known as Kanjika.

In kanjika people worship nine …

Get rid of maths phobia and score more

Fear of maths is a common problem nowadays. Every second child has this problem and so this problem is being now termed as a psychological disorder named as maths phobia. Don`t worry it`s very common, in fact you too know this well.

Often when it is said about a psychological disorder people generally think of medications and all but there a good thing about this maths phobia is, you do not need any medication. You just need a little bit of counselling and your attention to yourself.

Being myself a victim of this disorder, I know very well what all are impacts and how it can affect one`s life. It can slow down your self-esteem, it can take you in depression, it makes you more negative about life. The worst effect is the result. The result makes your esteem more worst.

So, if you too suffer from this problem or your child too suffers this. Don`t worry the solution is there. The solution will take time but is very easy.

 The first and foremost thing is we have to find out the main root…

Business hacks for bloggers

Nobody can ever give a garuntee for success of your business, it is the decisions you take and the management you do decides your way in your business. Blogging is also a kind of an online business because you can`t get paid salary wise . Here, you get paid on your own hard work.

This is not neccessary that every blogger will be a successful blogger and this is also not true that you can`t be a successful blogger. All you need is hard work along with smart work.

Earlier it was said that hard work is the key to successs but now it is hard work along with smart work. A bussiness can go smooth only with better management .
Management is an key ingredient for every successful firm. It contains two elements: Effective and efficient.

Effective is to complete your work on time and correctly. Efficiently is to work with least cost.
In blogging too you have to be effective and efficient. Now, the question is how?

Let's discuss for that now. To be effective and efficient , the first and fo…

The vicious cycle of Karma

Karma, What is karma?
A simple answer which we hear from people is work. How can we define work?
Work is what we do, willingly or unwillingly, consciously or unconsciously.

Work can be defined in many ways and the results are always according to them. If you will bow a seed of a neem tree , it will grow up as a neem tree. It won`t become a mango tree.
We all know what we do is what we get.But still there is a question, Do this cycle ever ends?

Whatever we have done, we will get that back and the cycle goes on. Take an example. As per Bhagwat Geeta, If you kills an animal in your present life. The animal shall kill you in return in some other life. So, the cycle continues. And never ends.

This is not our first life, we are not at all new to the world. It's just we have forgotten everything. In every life we take birth, we learn to speak, walk , eat, we grow up, get educated, earns money, get married, have children, grow old and faces death.

After that, as per our deeds, we take an…

Things your mother would have never told you

It is said that God has given us mothers because every time it won`t be possible for him to come and protect us, so he has given us our mothers who are no less than his own reflections.

Yes, that is a true fact and we all know this. We all know this very well how caring our mothers are, how loving they are. They understand our each and every problem. They know us more than we know ourselves. Think about a newborn baby, who don`t even know to speak. Even at that time also, it is the mother only who knew everything, our needs, our discomforts, everything.

Such a great personality we have in our lives but there are times when we become careless for this person. Your mother knows everything about you, she knows very well when you cried. She knows when you are in trouble, even if you don`t tell her.

But do we know them? Do we understand them? Do we know all her problems?
 Maybe we will be knowing some but still, there are a few things which she would have never told you. So, today I`m wri…

Things you did in your school days

School time is the best time of our lives and it is the most amazing time when we get our initial friends, a protective environment, loving teachers and all. Who would not miss his/her school days?

Of course everyone. And the best is the nostalgic feeling which grews in everyone whenever we remember those charming days. School buddies are the best buddies . I`m sure you won`t get such buddies ever in your life.

Today, I will take you to your school days. Hope you will enjoy reading it.

In our school days we did lot many things. A little bit studies but more of fun.

SLEEPING IN THE CLASS: 6 out 10 will be among this category. Whether you had a  proper sleep or not , there are students who sleep during the class. And then starts their stories.

EATING SOMEONE ELSE LUNCH: Your mother would have given you  full lunch box but the hunger still remains until and unless you eat your friend`s lunch.

COMING LATE FOR THE CLASS: Everyone had to go through this at least for once in their school life.…

How to allow guest post in blogger?

Guest posting is an amazing way to create traffic to your blog. You might have posted a lot on your website but now you want others too, to post on your site. That's great, it will help you to build up relation with other bloggers, which in turn will definitely provide you good traffic.


Guest posting is writing on someone else blog as an author. You have to write as per the guidelines issued by the administrator. Guest posting is usually done to get traffic and creating a goodwill for the writer.

Guest posting is always done as per the guidelines of the administrator. If you are a newbie then you must do a guest post as it will help you to get recognised by others. Also, it will help your readers to know about your site.
An effective guest post helps one to get a huge traffic. So, you have to write in such a way which can help you to get a huge traffic. Your post should be meaningful and should be able to get your readers attention. Y…