Work vs. life

We all are living in an era, where "I am busy" is very common to hear. Whether it is a school going primary student or a retired elder of our house.

  There is no doubt that lifestyle changes from time to time, development taking place in each country, moving forward each day.

Have you ever noticed, that every day we are in rush for some or other thing? We all are running every day, every hour, every minute and every second. There is no pause. And that gives us stress. (Tips to manage stress)

But for what?

The definite answer which comes initially to our mind is ' success' for sure. But when do we get that? What is this success related to? Why do we all want success? ( A secret for success you)

What is success meant for?

Well, success has different meanings for each one but there is one similarity in everyone`s view
That is, success for which we all are working day and night, we are in rush every day, every hour, every minute, every second is related to future.


Mistakes we make in every relationship

Hey, everyone welcomes to my blog. Its been long since I wrote anything here due to my busy schedule. I am glad to be here with you all again here.

We all know that life is not at all easy. It has so many ups and downs, daily struggles. From a micro-organism to a huge living being everyone struggles for life. Still, there are hopes for being happy, joyful life. In spite of having so many complications be in our career, family life, in any field we do hope for a prosperous life.
And for that only we struggle daily so much. Everything turns out right when we succeed but slowly they turn out to fade when we face the drawbacks. 

What if we have a bright career but a downfallen family life, will that keep a person joyful? NO.
Money, fame, property, power is not enough for a person. We all need love in our life. Everyone craves for love whether its parental, friendly, romantic, etc.

At present, we all are really too busy in our lives and hardly we have time for loved ones. But that's a very …

Do we need motivation even after getting our success?

Life is a journey with never ending miseries and pain. In spite of all these, we get some or other thing which motivates us always to move ahead. What is that thing? Do you have that thing in your life which motivates you always to move ahead? Is that a person or a word or just a feeling?

It's hard to find out but still, we can do some effort to find it out. Moving ahead without even looking at the back is not a cup of tea for many. But there are few who can do this easily. What makes them do this? We face many things in life. Many memories which can never be erased from our minds, some bad some good. Is that all in our hands? Can we erase some of our bad memories and move ahead with out looking at the back?

The answer is yes. It is possible only if we have some motivation. Now the question is from where does this come? At every point of life, we need motivations. Life is filled with ups and downs. We need motivation when we are in the down phase. Also, we need motivation when we…

Ananta Shesha Naga; Rise of demon prince (Review)

THERE WAS NEVER ANY PEACE , THE WORLD WAS ALWAYS AT WAR Where there is darkness, there exists light too. Darkness is nothing but just the absence of light. This is the story of every living being.The evil exists with in us and the angel too. Its we who decides among both of them.
We have seen from ages, so many wars and then their ends. But the wars in actual never ends. Its the greed, lust, anger and attachment to materialism of humans which never let the wars ends. Every time the reason for wars have been the unending human desires whether its an evil desire or a selfish one.

The book Ananta Shesha Naga is based on a mythological fiction . The whole story revolves around the unending desires of  living beings. In actual it shows us the general truth of life. We all fail to discover our biggest enemy which is with in us only. Our never ending desires. Some times these desires makes a person so blind that it gives an invitation to  its own destructions.

So, what happens in this story.

Tips to manage stress

Stress has  become a common problem nowadays. Whether it is a school going student or an adult it is the same. What do you think, why has this problem evolved? Earlier too people used to work but they didn`t get stress. Even today, in rural areas people do not get stressed. They too work the whole day like us. What could be the reason?

Well, in comparison to a rural life and a city life, people living in cities have more stress. People in rural areas rarely have stress and even if they have it is only to the adults, not the children. But here in the cities, stress is well known to all. Is it our lifestyles which have to make this difference?

We can say very well that in cities people live like a machine. Yes, it can be said very well. We people living in cities rarely have time to talk our families, relatives, neighbours,..etc. But in rural areas, they will talk after every five minutes. At every place, they have there some or other acquaintance. But in cities nobody has. In rural li…

Games we played in school days

This world is amazing and has amazing people. People with different personalities, with different opinions, with different looks, different habits are all around. And hence, it becomes very difficult for all of us to understand each other. But it is really amazing to see that mostly people with different opponents make a strong bonding.
We all miss our school life. The teachers, chalks, blackboards, benches, school campus and especially our friends. We can never forget them. There might have been some with whom we had lot many fights but still, they are a piece of remembrance for us.
School life is the best life and so the best are our classmates. Although nowadays, children are busy in their video games, mobiles, laptops, ...etc. and they are only closed to these screens. What about going outside and exploring? Does anyone have the time?
At our times we played a lot many games and they all are depleting now. These games not only used to keep us active physically but also keep us ment…

How to improve your english?

English is the most demanding language in all over the world in todays date. A person with fluency in english has more scope of getting jobs in MNCs or any other private sectors. Also, fluency in english gives a wider opportunity in your career.

English act  as a medium of communication among almost all the nations of the world. It becomes very difficult for a person not knowing english to communicate with a person from a foreign country.Here is why  english is an important language all over the world.

This does not imply that learning english will support linguistic chauvanism. When it comes to linguistic chauvanism , its we who supports it by thinking a language to be superior than others.
Feeling proud on ones language is good but thinking ones language to be superior than others leads to linguistic chauvanism.

Now coming into the thing that how to improve your English?

First thing you should keep in mind that nobody becomes a brilliant with in one day it takes time. So, same thing…