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This world is amazing and has amazing people. People with different personalities, with different opinions, with different looks, different habits are all around. And hence, it becomes very difficult for all of us to understand each other. But it is really amazing to see that mostly people with different opponents make a strong bonding.

We all miss our school life. The teachers, chalks, blackboards, benches, school campus and especially our friends. We can never forget them. There might have been some with whom we had lot many fights but still, they are a piece of remembrance for us.

School life is the best life and so the best are our classmates. Although nowadays, children are busy in their video games, mobiles, laptops, ...etc. and they are only closed to these screens. What about going outside and exploring? Does anyone have the time?

At our times we played a lot many games and they all are depleting now. These games not only used to keep us active physically but also keep us mentally active. Children at present date, are very smart intellectually but they are not active physically and this why they are prone to diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol at this tender age.

We couldn`t even think of these problems at our times and they are now prone to. Anyway, we can say our time was the best and the games we played were just awesome. Remembering them gives us nostalgic feelings but still, nobody can avoid remembering those days.

Here I`m listing a few games whom I remember till now, there may be some whom I don`t remember. If you remember them then do share.

  • ICE-WATER (BARF-PANI) This was one of my favourite games. In this game, one person gets a turn. The person whose turn it is will have to catch others and others will run. The person whose turn it will be called as ice. And whosoever will be touched by him will become the same like him. Then he can`t move anywhere. And others can come and make him water again by touching him. When the ice will catch everyone, he wins the game. And if he fails to catch then he loses.

  • CHIKELETS:  This was a quite popular game in those days. One person gets the turn will stay away and others will ask to choose any commodity like fruits, vegetables, etc. When he chooses one, others will decide their names according to that. For example, if he chooses fruits, then others will keep their names with fruits like apple, banana, etc. and they will keep it secret. After they decide their names, they will announce them to the one who has got the turn.Then the person will call up a name and the person whose name it will be, as to run. And the person having turn will catch him. While running, the person whose named being called up can spoke some others name. Then the person having the turn will after the one whose name has been called up. In this way, the game continues. When the person catches one before calling up someone else`s name wins the game.

  • PAKDAM-PAKDAI: This game is still on trend and all of us do remember the way to play it. One will catch others.

  • POWER RANGERS:  This was the most popular game in my class when I was in 2 standards. My class use to get divided into two parts, one part used to become rangers and the other one used to become the villains. Then the game starts. Nothing much was there in that game but just we use to fight. But that was the most played game in my class.

  • BAIBLED MATCH: This cartoon was very famous, it still comes on the t.v. This was a trend in my class every second day there was a baibled match.

  • NEWSPAPER SWORD: In those days we use to feel like warriors as if everyone is going to join the army in future. But by this time we have actually become warriors of life. Anyway, we use to make swords with newspapers or any kind of rough papers and have a fight.

  • KHATRO KE KHILADI: This was one of the favourite shows of my friends and by that time I was never interested in reality shows. I was only confined to cartoons. They got an inspiration to play that as a game in the school. We created our own set for this game in the store and it was risky. We do enjoy that but now I feel how risky it was. The school never knew that we use to play in the store room.

These were a few of my favourites and I can never forget them. There were many with whom I didn`t have a good relation but still we use to play with each other. And now I have got to know the difference between a child and a grown up. A child can even play with his enemies but an adult will never even talk to that person who might have ever fought with him.

Those were golden days and we can never get them. Life has many stages, each stage has its own colour but childhood has all the colours and they are the most beautiful colours of our lives.

I have shared a few, if you do remember some and feels that I have missed them. Why wait? You are most welcome to share here by commenting below.

Thank you, readers, for this journey with me :)


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