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Fear of maths is a common problem nowadays. Every second child has this problem and so this problem is being now termed as a psychological disorder named as maths phobia. Don`t worry it`s very common, in fact you too know this well.

Often when it is said about a psychological disorder people generally think of medications and all but there a good thing about this maths phobia is, you do not need any medication. You just need a little bit of counselling and your attention to yourself.

Being myself a victim of this disorder, I know very well what all are impacts and how it can affect one`s life. It can slow down your self-esteem, it can take you in depression, it makes you more negative about life. The worst effect is the result. The result makes your esteem more worst.

So, if you too suffer from this problem or your child too suffers this. Don`t worry the solution is there. The solution will take time but is very easy.

 The first and foremost thing is we have to find out the main root cause of this problem. How has the fear conquered your mind and when? You might have faced something because of which this fear has come to your mind. Not every student fears from maths. Then why do you fear it?

It has been noticed that the primary students usually don`t have this maths phobia and even if they have it then it is an exceptional case. The number of students facing maths phobia is in the secondary and higher classes. Why is this so?

I feel we all are responsible for this. We all say to small children that maths is very difficult in higher classes. And from then their mind gets conquered with this fear. When they grow up, because of their fear they get nervous, their minds get distracted and they make mistakes. Which eventually brings poor result and lows the self-esteem.

For every parent, it is very important to know the strength and weaknesses of your child. Because it's you who only knows your child better than anyone else.
 From beginning train them in a way so that they don`t face this problem in their future. It is better to prevent than to cure.

Keep always a positive environment, do not ever say to your child that you can`t do. Motivate them always. Even if your child gets fewer marks do not criticise them or use any negative way to motivate them. It is always better to motivate a child in a positive way as they are too small to understand the difference between positive and negative.

Coming to the point of those who are presently suffering from this problem. For you guys, I will say again to find out the root cause Because when you get the root cause of any problem it becomes easier to solve the problem. The root cause may be a childish fear, it may be a lack of confidence, uncleared concepts.

Usually what happens is when our concepts are not clear properly, we are unable to solve the problems. And then we think that this is not our cup of tea. The thinking process is itself wrong. You could have solved those questions easily if your concepts were cleared.

So, the basic is clear your concepts. The next thing is practice. Do more and more practice, the more you practice the more you become better. You will find an amazing change when you will practice regularly. You will notice that you will be able to solve tougher problems more sooner than before.

Your hard work, your practice will only be fruitful if you have your self-esteem. Lack of self-esteem eats up everything. Be confident on your hard work. You are no less than a soldier who prepares himself daily for a new war and wins every war.

Don`t lack confidence because that will make you nervous and nervousness distracts our minds which lead to silly mistakes. A question is often asked that why so many silly mistakes? The reason is distractions. When you are solving a question in your examination there are lot many things going in your mind. Like the time is running out, do faster, lot many questions are left. These are really very common things which keep on running in the mind.

Try stopping them all and put your full focus on the question.When you are done with the question then look at the time. Usually, students look at their watches in between the question. This distracts your mind. Don`t do that.

The next is when you are under pressure in the examination hall. Pressure breeds silly mistakes. Keep your pen aside and look outside. The day is so charm and beautiful. Take a deep breath and forget that you are in an examination room. Think about the best moments of your life. After a couple of minutes start with your paper again. This will refresh your mind and will enhance your concentration level.

These were generally a few mistakes which we all do in exams. All these will help you in avoiding silly mistakes in exams. Have a clear cut idea of life.

Maths is not a demon which will eat, in fact, you are more dangerous than it. Be always positive. You have the strength to win the world. A subject like maths is just a petty thing. You should analyse yourself and your fear will be over.

These are some efforts which we can do to get rid of it.
Hope it helps:)

See you all in my next article and do share your thoughts in the comment section. 


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