Mistakes we make in every relationship

Hands, Love, Couple, Together, FingersHey, everyone welcomes to my blog. Its been long since I wrote anything here due to my busy schedule. I am glad to be here with you all again here.

We all know that life is not at all easy. It has so many ups and downs, daily struggles. From a micro-organism to a huge living being everyone struggles for life. Still, there are hopes for being happy, joyful life. In spite of having so many complications be in our career, family life, in any field we do hope for a prosperous life.
And for that only we struggle daily so much. Everything turns out right when we succeed but slowly they turn out to fade when we face the drawbacks. 

What if we have a bright career but a downfallen family life, will that keep a person joyful? NO.
Money, fame, property, power is not enough for a person. We all need love in our life. Everyone craves for love whether its parental, friendly, romantic, etc.

At present, we all are really too busy in our lives and hardly we have time for loved ones. But that's a very important thing which we miss out. What do our loved ones want from us? Our time. And we too do want that only. In this running life, we miss out that.
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Even if some of us give time. Then to whom? To all? No. Every relation is important and everyone is important in our lives. We tend to lose them when we make a few mistakes, realising them is important as you can learn from your mistakes only when you realise them. Otherwise, you are just a bucket of mistakes. 

No one is perfect, we all have imperfections. Searching for perfection in an imperfection is itself an imperfection.
 But we can work on them so that mistakes do not get repeated in future. At least we won't lose anyone if near future. 

This article is for all, these are a few mistakes which we commonly make in our lives and tend to lose a few important people without even realising at that point of time but later.

We are humans, we are imperfect, we make mistakes but we can really avoid them if we want some great people to be there in our lives forever. 

1. TAKING FOR GRANTED: A person is often taken for granted when he/she gives a lot of importance to us or makes himself or herself available to us all the time. Somewhere we all do take someone or other for granted without even knowing. A common example can be our moms. Yes, its true we do take her for granted. She cares for all, but do we care for her the same as she does it to us. Probably, No.
There are lot many people, whom you might be taking for granted. Realise their importance before its too late.

2. BEING EGOISTIC: Ego, its a very common problem nowadays. Not only a rich man but a common middle class or a poor man too have this ego problem. Often people tend to get confused with ego and self-respect. It's not their fault at all. Yes, both of these terms are confusing. There is a very minor difference between both of them. When you give yourself too much priority disregarding others value, its ego. 
Self-respect is self-love along with others. You don't let anyone down you without your fault. This confusion creates a problem.
People often tend to lose people in their lives because of their ego. An egoist remains alone from inside as he has nothing within himself except his own ego.
Don't be so egoistic that cost you your loved ones.
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3.PRIORITISING: We all do prioritise someone or other in our lives. But one has to be very conscious while prioritising as it may harm in one's personal life. It is often said that people fall in love but people can rise in love too, depending on how you prioritize things and how mature your love is. One has to be very careful while prioritising, don't forget to add your family too in this list. People at present often miss it only.

4. COMPATIBILITY PROBLEMS: Every relationship is unique and beautiful except the ones which are against the social norms. Some relations we create, like friends and some, are made naturally. There won't be any problem for sure in friendships regarding compatibility but what about the other ones? Sometimes parents are not much compatible with their children or vice versa. That creates a distance between them. So, what if two people are not compatible at present, but that does not prove out that they can`t be compatible in future also. 
We can be compatible with others with our little efforts. What do you think, what creates a problem incompatibility? It's we who focuses only on us. Can say a little but selfish attitude. We usually think that the person does not understand us. What if we reverse the way of thinking. We want people to understand us, and when they don't we get disappointed. So what if that person fails to understand us, if we try to understand them then things can become better.
Try to understand people, before you expect them to understand you.

Heart, Love, Feelings, Valentine'S Day5. CONFESSIONS: Confessions are important in every relationship. A well-maintained business relation can also get spoiled if there are no confessions properly. There are people who feel shy, or they don't confess due to their ego problem. These things create misunderstandings which ultimately reduces the bonding. Misunderstandings are the main reasons for the downfall of most of the relationships. You can save a healthy relationship only if you confess things honestly.
Confessions avoid misunderstanding, do confess before its just too late.

6. LIES: Many people are in a habit of lying, whether it is needed or not. They just lie without any reason. Lying always is not negative but many times it worsens cases. Every relation is based on trust, if you break down that trust only, then what remains in that relationship? Nothing.
Think before you do, think before you lie. Jokes apart.

7. SILENT TREATMENT: This is one of the best weapons to end up a healthy relationship. Silence sometimes is good but every silence has its own motive. Silence, in a few cases, creates a relationship and in some cases ends up a relationship. If you are really angry at the person, a few moments of silence is OK as it will at least not worsen the situation but not for a long time. You might be waiting for the other person to approach you, but if that person does not approach you, know that there might be some problems. Silence for a long time creates misunderstandings in absence of confessions and that will loosen the bonding ultimately you will lose the person. Sometimes, its good to be silent but not then when you have to save your relationship.
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These were a few mistakes which we make in almost every relationship, whether it's with our friends, family, partners, etc. From my own experience, we can avoid them by realizing them beforehand, we can save many relationships in our lives. As each one in our lives is important and realizing even that is more important. 
If you want any more points to be added on, you are most welcomed here in the comment section below.

Thank you for your time with me, see you again in my next article:)


  1. Thankss Ayantika for this article. This one has really changed me. Keep going and post your articles more and more. Your thoughts can really save any relationship. Thankss alot :)


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