3 mistakes which we often ignore

Everyone makes mistakes, making mistakes are very natural. Although we learn from our mistakes only, but what if we don`t realize it? then. Mistakes will teach you a lesson only when you will realize it on your own , if you do not realize your mistakes then how will you learn.

A better way is to avoid mistakes, than curing. If we think that we will learn from our own mistakes only, it will take a lot of time. And mistakes sometimes can cost you a lot.A better way is to learn from others mistakes and avoid them in your own life.

Here are a few mistakes which we often do not realize.

  • Ego and Attitude:
We often ignore what our well wishers says, because we are in an ego that whatever we do is always right. But sometimes listening to them is comparatively more beneficial to us. Your ego don`t let you hear others and you do what you want. Our ego don`t let us see us, our own mistakes. We become blind towards our selves. Ego once, enters the life ,will destroy everything. Your success will become your failure if ego comes in your life. Be careful don`t let that ego come or else you will lose everything. It is very popularly said " Life is God given, be thankful: Ego and Attitude are self given, be careful".

  • Jealousy towards others:
We usually look at others success and get jealous of them. This jealousy is a big enemy of yours, this jealousy won`t let you live your life. Jealousy snatch your happiness, it eats up your relations and friendships. It is often seen that in friendship jealousy enters and once it comes it changes that friendship into enmity. Don`t let that jealousy end up your long term friendship. Don`t compare yourself with others. Be happy with whatever you have, you have enough for yourself. Work hard for your success not for anyones defeat.

  • Too much expectations:
You know what eats up our relationships? It is our expectations. We expect a lot from them and when we do not get according to our expectations we get disturbed, Then problems creates. Whether with friends or family, we should not expect too much from them. Be happy with whatever they give you or else if possible, do not expect anything from them. You will be more happy with them. This mistake is very common, but the thing is we do not realize it. 

These are a few mistakes which we often do not pay attention to. We all are in a habit of paying attention to large things and not pay any attention to small things. Things which looks like small is actually very large, if not paid attention it can cost a lot. Better if we avoid few mistakes and learn from others. At least it will not cast much than learning after doing mistakes.