Parentism with mutual friendship

Parents and children both faces problems in their relationships at a time when they grow up. There are some parents especially in countries like India when  parents do not accept that their children has grown up. Yeah, this is a fact that for parents their children are always the same as they were in their childhood. Having parents is like being blessed by the god with something which is priceless. Those who have them sometimes do not understand their importance .But when they lose them, they realise their mistake.

From the childhood their is a healthy relationship between parents and their children. But this starts exploiting when children enters their teenage. Teenage is the stage where every child and every parent faces problems with each other. The relationship no longer remains as it is. Sometimes there are chaos, scoldings , disobedience of the children and a lot many things. 

Things become worse when a child falls in a bad company. It destroys his whole life. Teenage is the age where parents have to focus more on their children. It has been observed that those parents who did not paid much attention to their children has actually lost them. Lost them in the sense that they have gone in the wrong direction or has left their parents.

If you are a parent then you have to pay attention to your child. Only school and educational institutions can`t teach your child everything. There is certain things which only you can teach your child, these are  values. Also, during this teenage children become disobedient. The reason is they listen to their peer group. They listen to their friends. At this age children are more close to their friends. They may not share everything with you but they do share everything with their friends.

It is not necessary that every time their friends will be correct as they themselves are also children only. And when they are going wrong, if you go and try to correct them. They won`t listen to you. Because you are their parents not friends. Instead of you any of their friends go and council them, they will listen to them.

If you want that your child should listen to you, then you have to  become his friend not parent. If you scold or beat them, they won`t listen or else they will become worse. If they don`t obey you, don`t scold them. Have patience, treat them like a friend. Share your thoughts with them and they will also share their feelings with you.You have to do your parentism with mutual friendship. Become their true friends and they will also become the same.

Listen to your child, try to see through his vision. Think that if you would have been in his age , did not you also would have done the same thing. They are children , not a mature like you. If you expect them to understand you then you are in a misconception. This won`t happen because they are children, they are not so mature of that level. You have to understand them. The moment you see that your child is not obeying you, instead of being aggressive try find out the reason behind it. Their might have been some reason , try to council him.  If still he doesn`t listen to you then let him go and you too go along with him.

You are their parents not rulers. Parents are their to guide their children not rule on them. If you will rule on them, for a moment they will listen to you. But after a certain point of time they won`t . Even they may starts hating you. Please, don`t let that situation arise. Teach them the good values. Become their best friends, so that no one else takes your place. I know being a parent you are worried for your children. But for their better future you have to become their friends.

Parents and children have better relationships , when their is a mutual friendship amongst them.