The never ending journey

Life is full of miseries , sufferings and pain but still it is so amazing. It is truly said that life is a journey and this journey has lot  many obstracls and we have to clear them all to move ahead.

This journey begins when we come in this world and ends when we go back. But it stills continues. We all think that the journey ends when people die but actually it doesn`t , it still continues and it will continue until and unless it gets the destination.

Our journey has not started in this life, it has started millions and millions years ago. In each and every life we have proceeded towards our goals and still we are proceeding.

In each and every life we have realized some or other thing. That thing is the truth. Why do philosophers think differently from us? The reason is they have realized that thing, which we have not as yet.

Realization comes from observation. We all experience lot many things in our lives, but we don`t observe them. When you will observe them , gradually you will be able to realize the truth.

Experience is the best teacher, whether it is of yours or someone else. We should learn from others experiences. Books can`t teach that what experience teaches.

Our life has many stages, many colours, many tastes and they keep on going and coming back forth. You might have observe this thing, that in our lives we come across to some people whom we had never expected to meet again. Why is this so? This is known that karma chakra.

What you give is , what you get. If you had given someone even a single penny, that person will have you give that back in some or other life. This is how the cycle keeps on going. This journey never ends , not even after life. It still continues.

When we take our next birth, it continues. One may ask, 'Do this journey starts all over again from new birth?' The answer is no. It continues from that point where you had left it in your past life.

Now, the question is why this journey? For what ? This journey is for the immortal bliss. Every soul is a part of that bliss and so it has the quest for that bliss.

We are a part of bliss and so our quest is for that bliss. And in each every life we are proceeding one step towards it.

You might have seen priests and philosophers having too different mind from us. They are so peaceful, they are always at calm . Why is this so? If we all are the souls . The reason is they have proceeded more further in their journey than us. They have realized the truth in them. They have realized this world to be materialistic and has no bliss in it. The ultimate source of bliss is the Lord.

Having knowledge of the truth and realizing the truth. Both are different. We may have the knowledge but until and unless we realize we can`t proceed further.
When we will realize , soon we will get detached form all these materialists.

The knowledge which you have got in this life, is the fruit of which you had done in your past life.
And whatever you will realize in your future is the upcoming of your present life. Your past austerities have make you know all these things. There are many who knows that they are the souls , there is no bliss in this material life. But still they are attached to it . Because they have not realized it as yet.

The moment you will realize , you will get detached. Detachment never implies cruelty, or becoming a monk. Both are different. The one who is cruel , he is selfish. And the one who is detached , he is selfless. A detached person not necessary will be a monk. It can be anyone. It can be a person sitting next to you but you will not be able to know that.

A detached person is a priest , he is a saint. When detachment comes,  it brings selflessness. Detachment is the medicine for affection.

If a person is saying that he is getting detached ,so he is becoming cruel. This is not true. He is becoming selfish. The person who is detached can never be cruel and is selfless. His selflessness makes him a true lover.

Many people have this misconception that ditachment can`t make anyone love but in actual can make some one a true lover. Because detachment makes a person selfless. And a person can love some one truly only when he is selfless. The condition for love is no condition.

In each and every life, we have heard this knowledge but we have not realized it as yet. When we will realize it we will move towards our goal. And in some life we will achieve our destination.

There can be a question,'has anyone achieved this destination?' . The answer is absolutely yes. There are many examples, like Swami Vivekanad, Ram Krishna Paramhansa, Meera Bai, Tukaram, Saint Kabir,.....and many more.

They all have completed their journey and has achieved the bliss, for which are we searching for so long.

In our journey, we all make a mistake. We all search it in the material world where there is no bliss, but just the reflection of it. We have this misconception and so we are still in this journey.

We all will reach our destination because our journey is never ending . Not even after life. It will continue till we reach our ultimate destination.


  1. It was nice to be endeared by your keen experience mam. Looking forward to know more off you.


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