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Stress has  become a common problem nowadays. Whether it is a school going student or an adult it is the same. What do you think, why has this problem evolved? Earlier too people used to work but they didn`t get stress. Even today, in rural areas people do not get stressed. They too work the whole day like us. What could be the reason?

Well, in comparison to a rural life and a city life, people living in cities have more stress. People in rural areas rarely have stress and even if they have it is only to the adults, not the children. But here in the cities, stress is well known to all. Is it our lifestyles which have to make this difference?

We can say very well that in cities people live like a machine. Yes, it can be said very well. We people living in cities rarely have time to talk our families, relatives, neighbours,..etc. But in rural areas, they will talk after every five minutes. At every place, they have there some or other acquaintance. But in cities nobody has. In rural life, every evening there is a gathering with all the neighbours but in cities, neighbours living together from 10-12 years hardly knows each other.

Can this difference be a reason for a stressful life? Ahh... up to a certain extent it can be said. When a person does not share his emotions, the person becomes more stressful as his emotions build more pressure on him. The same is with everyone in the cities.

You can see nowadays, road rage has become very common. Why people are so in rage?
One thing could be their ego and the other thing could be their stress. You can observe it on your own. When you are in stress, if anyone comes to you even in a very delicate manner and does something wrong which is very minor, you will shout at him. Whether yo want or not, you will definitely do. It's all because of your stress.

Your stress takes your peace, your mind becomes unstable. And so you are unable to think with your full conscious level and usually, decisions taken in stress proves out to be wrong.

Now coming to a question. WHAT IS STRESS?
For a layman in a very simple language, stress comes when there is a conflict between your right brain and your left brain. You want to think something else but your mind is keeping an unwanted thought again and again.

The next is how to deal with it?
I have observed it many times that stress is nothing but a thought that makes us tensed. And a constant thought which makes your tensed is stress.We all know what all problems we face when we are in stress.


  • Meditation is known one of the best medicine to manage stress and it is the easiest way to manage stress as compare to others. Mediation has different forms. We only know that to do meditation you have to close your eyes but this is not necessary all the time. One can do meditation while keeping his eyes open too. 

  • The other thing is, as I said above that stress comes while constant thinking. Stop thinking for a moment. You will see the change. Even in the examination hall, many students feel stressed and that can affect their result. For them too, whenever you are feeling stressed. Stop thinking, divert yourself for a moment.Look outside, the shiny sky, the flying birds, the green trees, the shiny sun. After a moment you will feel energised.

  • Don`t put your work for later. We all usually have this habit of averting our work for tomorrow. Know it well, tomorrow never comes, it's the present which comes always. When you avert your work for tomorrow, you get more stressed because your mind will constantly remind you that your work is till left. This will keep you in stress for the whole night. So, it is better to complete your task.

Sometimes it is not possible to complete a task at a time. Then plan out your task and complete your task accordingly. Do not avert.

  • Always enjoy your work. If you feel your work to be a big burden then your this thinking will itself add on stress in your mind. Each day you will work, you will feel yourself tortured. Your life will become more stressful.We all might not have the work which we like but we have to compromise. Everything in life does not come the way we want. The same is with your work too. Whatever you do enjoy that work. Never take your responsibilities as your burden.One can ask, how enjoying you can help in managing stress?When you play or do anything which yo like, do you feel stressed? There are people who play tennis as their hobby, do they feel stress? NO, because they enjoy their work. We usually do not consider those things which we do as our hobby , as a work. But they too actually work only. the difference is we enjoy doing them. 

When you enjoy your work, stress does not come to you.
As I said earlier too meditation is always the best medicine to treat stress. Do get some time to meditate. You can go to some temples for meditation or you can do it at your home too before going to bed. Just make sure that no one disturbs you.

Don`t work the whole day like a machine, take out some time for your family, friends and for yourself. Your self analysis will help in your success. They are your partners in this journey, don`t miss them.Do share your thoughts to a one whom you are closed. When you share your feelins your emotions don`t build up pressure any more . Work will be there in its place always, stress will be there in its place always. It depends on you, how you manage them.


  1. I love this kind of topics, and in fact I always keep fighting against stress. "Don`t put your work for later", "take out some time for your family, friends and for yourself". I'll keep it in mind. Regards and thank you! :)

    1. Thank you for your response and I hope these tips will help you.


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