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Nobody can ever give a garuntee for success of your business, it is the decisions you take and the management you do decides your way in your business. Blogging is also a kind of an online business because you can`t get paid salary wise . Here, you get paid on your own hard work.

This is not neccessary that every blogger will be a successful blogger and this is also not true that you can`t be a successful blogger. All you need is hard work along with smart work.

Earlier it was said that hard work is the key to successs but now it is hard work along with smart work. A bussiness can go smooth only with better management .
Management is an key ingredient for every successful firm. It contains two elements: Effective and efficient.

Effective is to complete your work on time and correctly. Efficiently is to work with least cost.
In blogging too you have to be effective and efficient. Now, the question is how?

Let's discuss for that now. To be effective and efficient , the first and foremost thing is that you should keep an objective for your firm to be achieved and then work accordingly.

The basic objective of an organisation is to survive , profit and growth.
Survive: It is to earn that much which will enhance your firm to survive in the long run.
Profit: Earn revenue more than actual income and reserve a little for future contingencies.
Grow: Every business should have this objective, this is to expand and grow.

A business can not run unless and until you use some business hacks as doing business is not an easy task and also its not a straight forward work like other.So, here are a few hacks which will help you in your blog.

  • KEEP A TARGET: Always set a target to be achieved in every financial year. (The term financial year means the business year i.e from 1 April - 31 March. As blogging is itself is a business , so the term financial year can be used here.) You should set a group of target to be achieved and work the whole year to achieve them effectively and efficiently.

  • PLAN OUT:  It is truly said then failing to plan is planning to fail. You have to plan before yo work as it help in faster decision making, it makes you ready for future uncertainities, it is a mental exercise, it is contingent. Your strategies and your  budget should be ready from the beginning of the year. There are many bloggers who plan their posts per day in the beginning of every month and then work accordingly.

  • ORGAINSE EVRYTHING: Group out your work in small group , this is also known as departmentalization. It makes your work more easy and stress free. For example, if you plan to post 50 posts per month then group out which topic you will write on a specific day. Organise everything, it means everything should be ready before you work. There should n`t be any hustle bustle , it will save your time.

  • STAFFING:  It is choosing a right person for the right job. One can ask how can this work in case of blogging? Blogging is usually done by a single person, there are some who keep workers with them. Even if you are a sole blogger, you need staffing. You should choose those advertisements which suits your blog niche. You should get guest post writers who can write according to your blog level. A good guest post can bring a huge traffic to your blog. So, choose your writers accordingly.

  • DIRECTING:  This is also a function of management. It is to supervise, guide, leading, motivating and communication with your subordinates , to achieve your target. In case of blogging, you should motivate yourself, your blogger friends, blogging communities etc. It is very important for bloggers to communicate with others as it enahances new ideas.

  • CONTROLLING:  It is to set some standards , measure the actual performance , comparing the actual performance with standards, finding out deviations if any and taking corrective actions. It is very important for every blogger to set some standards as it will help you to grow. Nowadays , customer satisfaction has the first and foremost priority and in order to satisfy them you should find out deviations and take corrective actions, so that they does not repeat in future.
These were all the functions of management. As said earlier to management is a key ingredient for every successful business. You should use the aforementioned keys for the success of your firm.
There are lot many mistakes which newbies do and improper management is one of them. Be efficient and effective , manage your time properly. While writing keep in mind that you have to satisfy your readers. Don`t make your posts too long with lots of unneccessary gossips and do not make your posts too short with half of information. Keep it genuine and provide full information.

Blogging is an easy task if you are a blogger by hobby and if you are a blogger for business purpose then it is not easy . You have to use some business hacks like the aforementiones. 

So, do your best and all the best , Never give up. You should also analyse yourself daily, to know the strength and weaknesses.If you have some other hacks too, do share them in the comment section.

See you in my next post :)


  1. The basic objective of an organisation is to survive , profit and growth, That's absolutely true.

  2. Hi, Very Good Article.
    Thanks for sharing. keep up the good work


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