Ananta Shesha Naga; Rise of demon prince (Review)

Where there is darkness, there exists light too. Darkness is nothing but just the absence of light. This is the story of every living being.The evil exists with in us and the angel too. Its we who decides among both of them.
We have seen from ages, so many wars and then their ends. But the wars in actual never ends. Its the greed, lust, anger and attachment to materialism of humans which never let the wars ends. Every time the reason for wars have been the unending human desires whether its an evil desire or a selfish one.

The book Ananta Shesha Naga is based on a mythological fiction . The whole story revolves around the unending desires of  living beings. In actual it shows us the general truth of life. We all fail to discover our biggest enemy which is with in us only. Our never ending desires. Some times these desires makes a person so blind that it gives an invitation to  its own destructions.

So, what happens in this story.

After receiving encouraging response for the previous released books , the author SANJEEV K SHARMA   has come up with his another creativity.

ISBN: 978-93-86305-52-7
Price: Rs. 305

Sanjeev K Sharma is a national awardees from 'Surbhi' Air force veteran, Poet, Educationalist and columnist. He has authored " Trickles of life" ."Shadows of terror". After receiving an encouraging response from these books he has come up with his exceptional piece of mythological fiction," Ananta Shesha Naga: Rise of Demon prince, Saga of Nagas"

The story actually takes us to that part of the world which is unaware by most of us. It is the darkest part of the world namely Garbha loka. This is the loka where the demon sarpas resides. These sarpas are being executed from the pataal loka for their demonic actions.

In the depth of this Garbha loka there resides the master mind of this evil plan Vansa , also known as the sarpa mata. Vansa uses black magic and evil powers to make a powerful weapon, Swarna. 
Swarna is a golden sarpini who uses her oceanic beauty and lust to defeat the five traitors of sarpa brothers. She succeeded in concealing their mighty powers, their nag manis.

In the depth of Garbha loka , with seeds of the five traitors of Ananta Shesha their rises the demon prince. The actual aim of Vansa was to destroy the whole universe and to rule over the universe where no  other creature will survive except the demon sarpas.

The whole story revolves around execution of the plan of the master mind vansa. The sarpini swarana was the strongest weapon who not only defeated the most powerful sarpas but also succeeded in concealing their nag manis, which were the actual source of their mighty powers. With the seed of these five traitors she gave birth to the demon prince.

This demon master raises a war against all the lives . Devas and Asuras run for their lives. The demon becomes so powerful that no one can take a stand before him except the formidable naga warrior, Ananta Shesha Naga and his lord Maha Rudra.

Maha Rudra refused to help Shesha and his brothers as they have broken their treaty. Shesha and his brothers prepare their forces to defeat their own blood , the demon prince Karushetu. Also, the five brothers who were cheated by Swarpini  plans to catch her and punish her.

Th demon prince starts his game of destruction. Will Vansa succeed in her mission or Shesha and his brothers be able to defeat their own blood? Even if the demon prince dies. Will that be the end of the war or a new inception for an upcoming destructive war? The answer remains in this story.

While reading this story you will experience an extra ordinary adventure of that dark world, from which we all are unaware of. The author has created an exceptional piece, which takes the reader  to the immense of the evil that exists with in us. A heart griping tale of lust, greed, anger, revenge, ego, war and the quest for survival will might make one forget to breathe.

My experience:
Personally telling when I started reading this book, I myself was lost in the story. Although there were no graphics.With in a day, I finished half a book. This really shows how catchy the book was. The author has used his master mind in each and every thing. The best part I liked the most was the war and the  story itself. One thing which depressed me was that there were such things which were shown too much in detail. The story could have been the same  with out that much of detail. Rest the book was an awesome one. I will suggest you all to have a look.
Although this book claims the story for all ages but for that descriptive part I won`t suggest this to children or the teenagers.

Have a look at it. I have also given a link below, you can get it directly from here.
Thank you readers for this journey with me. See you in my next article:)