5 tips to live a medicine free life

In our daily lives we all have to take medicines for some or other problems. These medicines cures the disease temporarily for a short period, but they all have some or other side effects. which gives an invitation for another disease.Along with that, the high prices of medicines kills a middle class persons budget. What if we do not have to take medicines at all? We have to cure our disease with some or other remedy but we can avoid many problems by adapting some good and healthy lifestyles. A healthy lifestyle will avoid many diseases and we can live a medicine free life.
Although humans have a long life span but at present times the life span has become very short.The reason is poor lifestyle, adulteration in food, chemicals used in farms all these have spoiled our health.Also, pollution is one of the major reason for lungs and heart problems. Our ancestors had a much longer life span than us as they had very good life style. Here are some tips for a healthy life style:

  • Exercise daily: It improves your digestion, helps in maintaining proper weight, it lowers the risk of coronary heart disease and stroke, it reduces the risk of diabetes, it lowers the risk of colon cancers and many more. The best time for exercise is the morning time. Also, do practice yoga. It has been accepted now world wide. Yoga not only prevents but also cures many diseases. Even if you  don`t get time then also you can exercise in your daily activities by doing household work, using stairs instead of elevators, walking short distances or using bicycles instead of motors. Using bicycles will also helps in protecting the environment,

  • Drink  more water:Drink at least 10-15 glasses of water per day. Drinking water will stimulate your body temperature, avoid pimples,wash out toxins from your body,improves digestion and constipation..etc.

  • Green tea: Make a habit of taking green tea, you can take it in the evening. Green tea refreshes your mind, brings inner glow, helps in maintaining figure,it lowers the risk of cancer and many more. It is always better to prefer a good brand. I find Lipton and Tetley to be the best.
  • Warm water with lemon and honey: Taking this daily in the morning is an excellent way to avoid many diseases. To prepare it take a glass of warm water, add 1/2 a lemon and a few drops of honey. Take it every morning in an empty stomach. It improves your digestive system,it helps to avoid pimples, it makes your skin glow naturally, it helps to lose weight, it prevents cancers and many more. If you take this drink regularly , you will not face digestion problems
  • Avoid junk food: Yes, to stay healthy you have to avoid junk food. Taking junk food not only increases your weight but also it leads to pimples, it causes cancers and ulcers. Junk food is the major reason for digestion related problems. It has been observed worldwide that intake of junk food is a major reason for obesity all over the world. Eat healthy to stay healthy. Do not take junk food on a regular basis . You can take it once or twice a month.
By adapting these few tips you can improve your lifestyle and can stay free from medicines. It is better to avoid than to cure. Stay healthy and stay happy.