How to deal with aged parents?

Nowadays, a very common difficulty faced by the youngsters is dealing with their aged parents. As parents grew old their behaviour changes, they become like small children. For petty things they shows tantrums and quite irritating. This is the main reason why youngsters love to live in a nuclear family. The things which you face is very common. Everyone faces the same thing but leaving your parents is not a good solution. Today, you are leaving your parents tomorrow your children will leave you. Remember one thing, whatever you will give ,the same will return to you. Your parents need you at their old age . Although they are a little bit irritating to you but still they are your parents. They have given you this life, they have supported you , they have loved you, they have sacrificed their whole life for you. You can never bear their liability , you can never love them more than them but at least give them your supporting hand when they need you. Yes, they make tantrums but you too have made tantrums when you were small but they didn`t left you. They need your love and care, you can`t just support them with money. Money can provide them with medicines but who will stay with them awake at nights to give them the medicines. Whatever they say, just tolerate them don`t think that they are hurting you. Due to aging they have become like small children, never mind on whatever they say. Also, they won`t be staying with you always. They are precious for your life, once you lose them you can never get back them. Try, to keep them reserve. Give your love to them. Although, they might be a little bit annoying to you but still never mind them. It happens due to aging. Give them your love and care, they need it