Is marriage a burden?

Divorces are now at a quite higher rates, especially in the western countries it has become very common. A divorce not only destroys two lives but also many lives which are connected with them. In , India it not acceptable till date, people still avoid divorces. In a way this is better at least it will not affect the lives of the children. Just think about those children who don`t get the love of their parents. In actual, such kind of environment affect their mental growth and there has been many cases of psychiatric problems due to this.Now, the question is, Why so many divorces? Is really marriage puts burden on the individuals? It totally depends on your perception. Everyone in this world, have to do work for their own needs and a work without responsibilities is just a wastage of efforts. Before marriage there are less responsibilities and more freedom. If we think in a negative way then marriage puts constraints in one`s life but it has many positive sides. Marriage makes a person more mature as he is now assigned with many duties and responsibilities which he has to perform. Marriage is about full commitment, you commit your whole life for your life partner. Marriage builds a strong relationship between two persons who will stay together forever, at any condition they will not leave each other. Marriage is a relation of love, which is build with love and remains in love. If there are conflicts in marriages, then it shows poor commitment of both the partners. When you love someone truly by heart you never think of your own happiness, you are only bothered for your beloved
Marriage puts up responsibilities and duties but it is not a burden until you are committed by heart. A little bit of adjustments can save many lives. Life is only about adjustments, if you can`t adjust then you can`t live with anyone. Even at the place you are working, you have to adjust with your colleagues in order to maintain coordination. At every point of life we have to adjust. Giving up is not at all a solution. Life without a struggle is impossible. In your married life there are somethings which you have to sacrifice and some your partner has to sacrifice. Divorce, is never a good option. Married life is not a burden if you take it in a positive way. Your duties are assigned to you because you are capable enough to perform them. There are certain age for certain things. Before, your marriage you have enjoyed with friends, hanged out here and there, no responsibilities. But now, it is the time to become mature and responsible. When you were a child you played with toys but when you become a person of 20, do you play with toys then also? NO. When one becomes a parent , he is assigned a big responsibility to train the future leaders of the world.Future leaders of the world are no one but your children. You have to give them education, knowledge, ethical values with which they will establish a better society. For giving ethical values, both the parents are to be very careful, whatever happens among them effects their child`s future. I think if there could be less divorces the world will become a better place to live.