Living with Detachment

The best way to live a life with full satisfaction is to  live with detachment. When you live with everyone but not attached to them that is living with detachment. When you work for yourself , you have some expectations. Your expectations are for good results of your work. When you put your expectations in a thing simultaneously you get attached to it. Attachment is nothing but affection.Many people consider affection and love both to be same but they are not. There is a huge difference between them.When you desire something or someone for your own happiness, that is affection. And love, well nobody can define it. It is god himself.When you devote your whole life for someone , when you only think about the happiness of the other person then it is said to be love.
Affection has been always a big reason for all kinds of suffering in the world.You suffer because of your affection and affection is the only reason for your birth and death life after life.

In our vedic literatures there is an excellent example of this affection. There was a king named Bharat, he left his kingdom , family everything to attain salvation. He went to the forest and lived in an ashram. He use to live with full detachment and was a perfect monk. One day, while performing his evening prayer in the river he saw a scared deer running and trying to cross the river. She was escaping from a tiger. The deer was expectant. When she was eloping her child dropped in the river and drowned. Seeing a drowning child Bharat went to protect that child and he succeeded. That deer child was safe in his hands. Now, day and night he used to think about that child and got attached to it. He now used to take care of that deer child all the time. Now he used to spent more of his time with this deer child. One day, a herd passed away near the ashram , that deer child also went along them. Now Bharat weeped day and night for that deer child, he use to expect that one day he will come back but that deer never came back. At the end of his life , he still was thinking about that deer and in his next incarnation he was born a deer. It is said that at the last moment of life whatever you think you get your next birth in that only .

This same happens in all of our lives. We are also attached to many things family, friends, work,..etc.
And for this affection only we face sufferings. That is why it is said that the best way to live a life is to live with detachment.Don`t think too much of anything or anyone. Remain always calm and at peace.Work with no expectations , detachment will come soon and most of your sufferings will be no longer.