The supreme beloved

Each and every creature in this world can`t live without love. In fact, there is no existence of anything without love. What is love? Love is god, god is bliss. We can`t live without loving anyone , this is our natural characteristic.A person can stay in love forever but a person can never stay in hatred. It is possible to hate someone for a particular period of time but it will end up someday. We can love everyone but we cannot hate everyone. This is our characteristic because we are the fractions of love as sun rays are the fractions of sun. We are the souls. We are fractions of love, we are made to love. But whom to love? To family, friends, relatives? Until and unless you are pure from inside you can`t love anyone although it is your natural tendency but still you can not.
To love truly, one has to be pure by heart,mind and soul. No selfishness should be there. We usually think that we love our parents, friends, relatives,..etc but in actual we do not. This is not love but affection.Love has a condition, in love there is no existence of two only one remains, the beloved.To love truly one has to forget himself, all his desires should end up. Only one desire should be there ,happiness of the beloved. We all have material desires and it is not possible for us to love so truly, for that we need purification.Purification will come by the grace of the Lord. He can only purify us and gives us the pure love.
To know whom to love is a quite difficult question, but the answers is there.Love the Lord as he is only the supreme beloved. This whole universe resides in him, whatever you can see, feel, smell, hear or touch all is god only. Love is eternal, it is endless. If you love a human being or anything which is temporary it will end up soon as your beloved will also end up. Only if you love the Lord, your love will remain eternal because neither he has any end nor you. Anyone can say that a mother never forgets her child even if the child die, but she forgets all her identification as soon she takes a new birth after her death. Nobody remembers his/her past incarnations as soon as one takes a new birth, we forget everything relating to our past birth.But this does not imply that one should leave everyone and become a monk. When you will love the Lord you will love everyone. Your love will be pure, you will not have any expectations from them. This is what happens in love, no desire remains in the heart , no expectations from anyone , no place for hatred only remains the love . When anyone love god, he or she do not consider herself/himself to be this human body. He/she considers herself/himself to be the soul.A soul never dies and hence, the love never dies. That is why it said that God is the supreme beloved. Since, this whole universe resides in God therefore when we love him we love everyone and everything.And so, love the Lord with your whole heart,mind and soul as this is your characteristic and nobody can change it .