What is the aim of my life?

A very common question asked by people,'What is the aim of my life?'. This shows that everyone knows that there is a reason for taking a  human birth. This is not useless, it has some or other aim. But what is that?There are people who says,' The aim of my life is to achieve this or that' but in actual this is not the actual aim of their life.There are people who says ' my aim is to become a philosopher, doctor,..etc. But this the aim of their career not life. We have taken many births and have died a number of times . This is not the first time when we have taken a human birth. You, I and everyone has taken many births not only in human life but also in many species.  From many ages we  are revolving in the birth and death cycle. This cycle goes on until and unless we realize our true identification. In each life we  have got many friends, relatives but  after death we had to walk alone towards our destination.
Now, what is our destination? Our destination is salvation, do something after which we need not come to this suffering world again. In each and everyone`s life suffering and misery is there.In this material world what we get in general, pain , miseries and sufferings. What do we want? Happiness. We all want happiness, we earn money to stay happy, we live with our family to stay happy, we all work to be happy but do we get that? Yes, but for a while, it is not stable. Our aim is happiness, bliss and happiness is what? God, god himself is bliss. We all want him as we are fractions of him only. To get him is our actual destination. How to reach god? There are many ways. Some attain god through Gyan yog, some through Bhakti  yog,and some through Karma yog. Among all , devotional service is the easiest way and commonly followed by people.All the explanation are given in Shrimad Bhagwad Geeta, one can read it for more explanation. It has all answers. To get freed from all the miseries of life, one should opt any one of the ways mentioned in Bhagwad Geeta