Who am I?

Had this question ever  stricken to your mind,"Who am i?". You might be thinking that you know this answer, you are such such person your name is this and that, but have you ever wondered that all these identifications are given by someone to you, you did not own them naturally. Then what is your real identification. Real identification is that identification which is not given by anyone ,which is there from the immortal and will remain the same. At each point of our life our identification changes, at a point we are student at some other point we are teacher or any other worker, at some other point we  are parents..etc. All these identifications are not stable. They keeps on changing because this is not our real identification. To know our real identification we must know 'Who are we?' Are we this human body or the mind or the soul?
There are many questions relating to this, What is life? What is death? what is the aim of human birth?what happens after death? All these questions are being answered in the holy books. Bhagwat Geeta , Bible , Quran all these gives us the answers but we need to identify them on our own. There are many answers which are not direct we need to meditate on it to know the answers. Personally telling, i had a lot many questions and i have got the answers in Bhagwat Geeta. I`m not promoting any religion, all religions gives us the same message . Message of Love and Peace.
Our real identification is that we are souls, not this body, not the mind, not the heart. We are immortal ,pure , eternal. We are the fractions of that immortal god as like the sun rays are the fractionsof the sun, water drops of ocean are the fractions of the ocean. We all know our identification but we have forgotten that due to illusion. This is what Lord krishna says to Arjun in the Kurukhshetra. Arjun had forgotten his real identification and he was caught in affection due to which he refuses to fought for the justice. Here, in this Bhagwat Geeta Lord Krishna tells Arjun the truth of life, he tells him his real identification. This book has all the answers if one can understand, you will also get but you need to meditate on to get your answers. This can change ones life and has changed many lives.