7 things you should know about introverts

 You all may know someone  in your life who is quit different from others. They are shy, speak less, have less friends and you feel them quit boring. They are a little bit different from you. They don`t go out every time with their friends instead they sit at home. They are introverts. You may feel them strange, you may misunderstand them if you don`t know about them. And they themselves will never tell you about them, they love to keep secrets.

Here are a few things which you should know about your introvert friend. So, that you don`t misunderstand him and there is no barrier in your friendship.

It might have  happen to you a number of times when you want to go out to play and your friend resist. It`s not because he do not want to accompany you. This reason is his introversy. There are many in our lives like this and most often we misunderstand them.I have listed a few things, a very small attempt to know them better.

  • Introverts are shy. They do not express themselves publicly. Even if they do it in their social life, they will never do it in their real life. 

  • They do not speak up in the crowd. Many think that they are shy to speak up but actually they are not shy to speak up. They are observers. By not speaking they are listening to others opinion. They are very good observers and listeners. It is very truly said,' to learn or to observe , one should be a good listener'. The one who is a good listener is also a good observer.

  • They have very few friends. We all know that. But do you know the reason? The reason is they wants to have best friends not acquaintance. An extrovert may have lots of friends but they may be like acquaintance. Introverts have very few friends but they are their best friends. 

  • An introvert can become a very good lover. As they do not trust anyone so easily and they do not express themselves in front of everyone. If they are doing so in front  of anyone, this implies that the person is very special to him. They will love only one not many just like they have few friends not many.

  • Introverts likes to be at freedom. They do not want dependence, they like to be independent. But this does not implies that they won`t full fill their duties. They do it with full sincerity.

  • They like distances, physically and mentally both except for the ones who are very close to them. You might have observed them, not speaking much about themselves. They like secrecy. They like distances, they like to keep secrets. And so they keep distances from the outside world.

  • They like to inculcate with the inner world, by staying away from the outside world they go more close to their inner world. They know more about themselves.

These are only a few things which you should know at least so that you do not misunderstand your friend. They sometimes may appear very rude but actually they are not. They are good artist,lovers,they can be your true friends, they don`t break anyone`s trust. If you think them to be boring and do not pay attention to them then you are doing a mistake. They can be your true friends. If  you yourself is an introvert then you might have known much things about yourself. 

Any way feel proud of yourself and be happy. However you are introvert or extrovert you are best. And never compare yourself with anyone. You are special, you are best.