Amazon links are spam?

You might have seen these amazon links  in many websites or blogs. Many of you may think that these all are spam but actually they are not.

These links are served by amazon to advertise their products. Bloggers use this to monetise their blogs. How?

They create an id in amazon associates and get their tracking id. With the help of this tracking id amazon track the bloggers website and pay him. Whenever there is a sale of a product through these links , a percentage of that sale is paid to the blogger as commission.

Bloggers put these links served by amazon on their websites, whenever anyone click on these links and buy a product the blogger is paid a certain percentage. Bloggers can not only put product links but also widgets, banners, mobile popover, native shopping ads and many more.

If you are operating a website and is interested in monetising it. Then it is an easy way to do so. Here is a link , you can directly click on this link and create your associates account .

If you are a customer the benefit provided to you is, you will be getting direct link to the product page. New releases are sponsored every time, it is the best way to be in  touch with the market.
Suppose, you visit  a blog, you get to see a banner which shows some kind of offer. You are able to get that offer at the right time. Everyone do not have amazon apps on their mobiles. So, it is a good way to be in touch with the market.

Also, when you will click on the products you like, you will go to the product page. The page may be slightly different from that which you see , when you visit amazon using your customer id. Because it is an affiliate link. On that product page you will be having the reviews of that product. So, before buying any product you will get to know about the pros and cons for that product. After your purchase, if you are not satisfied with the product you can return it.

Affiliates who shows these links on their websites are not liable to any damage or dissatisfaction of the customer. So, whenever or wherever you see any advertisement of amazon they are not spam.
They are just affiliate links served on the Internet for the purpose of advertisement. Also, to make aware of offers going on , on that site.

If you are interested in seeing a demo, you can see. On this site , I have putted some widgets. You can see them if interested. Don`t miss any offer going on, you can be benefited from that.