Dealing with short tempered people

The world comprises with a variety of people. It is very hard to understand each and everyone. Some are aggressive, some are always calmed. Some are introverts , some are extroverts. Some are short tempered , some are pleasant. 
Short tempered people are those people who get annoyed for petty things. If they get hurt or something which has happened opposite to their expectations , they get annoyed very easily.
It is very hard to deal with short tempered people. Personally telling, I myself too face lots of difficulties while dealing with such people and I feel you too ,face the same thing. OK, this is agreed that dealing with them is not so easy but not impossible. We can deal with them easily but needs lots of  patience. If you yourself will lose your patience then how will you handle such persons.
The first and foremost thing you should remember while dealing with such kind of person is, you have to be calmed.While talking with them never become aggressive, try your best to be pleasant. You have to be tolerable other wise the situation can become worse. In our life every second person is short tempered. Do you know the reason? They are weak from inside, they are intolerable. They need your support to become strong. Try to counsel them at your best possible way. If he is not so very close to you then just remain calm and help him if he asks for. Short tempered people are not the one, on whom we can get angry. They are the one`s who need our help.
In many of the suicidal cases, short tempered people are at the top list. The one who is dealing with such kind of people needs to be very patient and calmed . These people easily lose their hopes and are mostly caught by negativity. If you are dealing with such kind of people then make sure that you throw out the negativity from that environment.

Here, i remembers an incident relating to this. There was a newly married couple living nearby to my place. The wife was too short tempered and the husband was an impatient. There were frequent quarrels between them and nobody tolerates anyone. This was a major cause for their frequent fights. One day, they had a series fight and after that the wife suicided. This is what happens when a person is impatient. Here, i can`t blame anyone. The wife was short tempered, it was her weakness and the husband was an impatient it was his weakness. 
We all have some or other weakness but we have to overcome it. Let our weakness become our strength. But i think the wife could have been saved, if the husband could have  patience. I know it is not easy to tolerate so much but if he could have a little bit of patience then he could have saved his wife. 

It is not easy for all of us to handle such people, we all have our tolerance level. But our little contribution can help a person in his life.A simple myth to deal with such person is just remain calm and be very patience.