How to overcome your fear for death?

What is death?... When do we say a person is dead?........
We all are very well familiar with this word 'death'. According to medical science, a person is said to be as dead when his heart stops beating, the nervous system stops working, no pulse rate could be observed.

In spirituality a person is said to be as dead when his soul leaves his human body. In fact, in spirituality nobody dies we all just leave our old bodies and acquire a new body. Like we change our clothes. Now medical science has also accepted the existence of spirits. In actual, we all are eternal, we will never die. When the time for departure comes we just leave our human bodies and go.
The moment we will realize our true identification .i.e we are the soul not the human body , we will definitely come out of the fear of death&lt .
There are few people who get a shivering when they hear the word 'death;'. The reason is very simple we all have forgotten our true identification and so we consider ourselves to be the human body. This body has a birth and so it will die. But we souls has no birth and so no death.

We all have heard many a times and we also know this thing that we are the souls but still the fear exists in our hearts. What do you think the reason could be?

The reason is very simple, we all only knew the truth but we have never accepted the truth. In other words, we have never realized ourselves.We had just heard the truth and then forgotten . Listen my friend, it`s of no use of all the religious lectures that you attend , if you do not meditate on them.
Whatever you hear , whatever you learn meditate on them to realize it.

Self realization will come when you will meditate on yourself. It takes time, you will not achieve the result very soon but regular attempts will give you success. Meditate on this" I am a peaceful soul, i am eternal, i have no birth , no death." Gradually you will realize yourself. Once, you realize yourself your world will change and many of your problems will gradually end up. Don`t just blindly follow my words try it on your own, you will see changes in your own self. But there is a condition, you have to be very patience. I hope soon you will overcome your fear for death.