"Look at the world through a window"

"We all look at the world through a mirror, if we all look at the world through a window then we can understand the world in a better way"

The writer has said very truth fact. We all see this world through our image. We want everyone and everything to be like us. We do not accept anyone in their natural form. For example, If you talk to a person in a humble manner you expect that person to reply you in the same way. But if that person replies you in an aggressive way , you get irritated. This is very common with all of us.This is a very reason, why we see road rages. A person talks in an aggressive way , the other person also shows his aggressiveness. We do not think even for at once, why that person replied in such a way? May be he is in depression or tensed. As we get their reply ,we too show them our aggressiveness.

Try to understand each one around you, don`t always use your vision to see them. See through their perception you will understand them better. Before reacting on anyone, try to analyse the situation. May be that person needs your help. If you too react in a negative way then the situation will become worse. If anyone is getting aggressive then one should be at peace. Otherwise the situation will become worse. Nobody in this world is same. Everyone has its own uniqueness. If anyone is short tempered then the other one is calm natured. It is not necessary that if we are calm natured then everyone around us will also be of the same natured. Do you know why some people get angry at small things?  Because they are depressed from inside, they are tensed. They need your help.

It`s not easy to understand people around you. It takes lots of time. You should not always put your vision, you should also see through their vision. It is not necessary that always you will be right. May be sometimes their vision is more better than us. Also, there may be some situations where both of us are correct. Then what to do?

We all want everyone to be like us, we often do not accept their natural form. If we could see people in their natural way then we could understand them in a better way. This is what the writer meant.
We all see people through our image . We do not see people through their vision. If we could see them through their vision then we could know their natural form.