The butter thief (be aware)

He resides in every ones heart. He played so many past times in vrindavan, till date his devotees are waiting to get just a sight of his beautiful appearance. A peacock-tail crown on his head, with a flute in his hands and a glorious smile that wins the universe, eyes filled with love for everyone, this is how our Lord Krishna looks like. This little Krishna has played many sweet past times in vrindavan and he is given many names according to his past times. One of them was " Butter thief". This name was given by all the cow herd maidens of vrindavan.
How amazing it is to know that the lord of the universe is being called as butter thief, why? Do you know? Because he stoles butter from their houses. No, because  he steals every ones heart . He had stolen heart,mind and soul of those cowherd maidens.Even today also, many of his lovers calls him a thief not because he has stolen their butter , because he has stolen their hearts.Why would he stole butter ? He had plenty of butter, at his place and also, he was the prince. Here, is a secret which is not known to everyone but it is your time to know it. As everyone knows Lord Krishna is one of the incarnations of god. Although , he appeared in a human form but it was not an ordinary human body like us. Our body has flesh, bones, blood in it but his body didn`t have all these. If his body was also like us then how he could carry the govardhan on his one finger? No one can tolerate such a huge weight but he did. Also, there are many proves regarding this. When there was a fire in the forest of vrindavan, he drank that fire. How? If his body was also like us then it would have got burnt but it didn`t. All these proves reflects that although he was in a human from but he didn`t poses a body like us.

Coming back to my topic.Why did Krishna stole butter? The reason is here. All the cowherd maidens of vrindavan prayed  lord Krishna, toe come and steal their butter. Everyday these cowherd maidens used to prepare butter for him. One can say, why they prayed Krishna to steal their butter, they can simply give him ? The social system at that time was not so free for women. Their mother in laws and other family members didn`t allow them to do so. Lord Krishna was not an ordinary child whatever he does has some brief reasons which the Vedas and the Purana's also failed to identify. Krishna make him called himself a butter thief for the love of those gopis( cowherd maidens).

As he said in Bhagwat Geeta , clearly  reflected here. He accepts whatever his devotees give him with love. Doesn`t matter what it is or how is it, what matter is your love for the lord. Even today, there are people who weeps in his separation , they prepare everyday some or other thing for him. They are waiting for him eagerly , to stay in his lotus feet and to serve him. If you are one of them then be aware he will come soon to steal your heart along with your butter.