"The ecstatic love of krishna"

 Vrindavan, the place where Lord Krishna played many sweet past times that are still alive in the hearts of his devotees. Although, he is unseen for the material beings like you and me but the ones who has attained the ecstatic love can see him. It is wrong to say that he has played his sweet past times, he still plays his past times with his eternal friends and his eternal lovers. But we can`t see him. He still plays his flute in vrindavan , he still plays with his friends, he still wander in the lanes of vrindavan. 

We all might have visited vrindavan number of times but never got to see him. The reason is we don`t have those divine eyes to see him. He is there in Vrindavan not in human form but in his Divine form. One can see him only when one will have divine eyes.

One may ask. why should one have divine eyes to see the Lord? The answer is quit tricky. Hmm.... have you ever wondered whatever you see through your eyes is actually made up of the five elements. Fire, earth, water,air and space. Your eyes are also made up of with these five elements. And all our senses have limited powers. You can`t see through your ears, you can`t eat through your eyes and many more. The reason is these are all imperfect which implies these are all materialistic. And the Lord is beyond materialism, he is divine.

The one who will reach this stage of divinity can see the lord . This stage of divinity can be achieved through ecstatic love . The love of the gopis was ecstatic. Their soul ,mind,body,heart, each and every nerve was occupied by Krishna. They used to walk for krishna ,sing for krishna, dance for krishna, weep for krishna, laugh for krishna, roam here and there like  mad for krishna. Each and every breath was for krishna. They had forgotten their identity, they had forgotten  themselves in love of krishna. Their love was ecstatic , selfless, pure. And so they got krishna. These gopis of vrindavan were not ordinary women. They were great yogis, philosophers,tapasvis. They were divine and so their love for the Lord was divine.

Many people are in a misconception that the love of theses gopis and krishna is like a normal love between boys and girls. The love which we see in the world is actually not love but lust. Because they are meant to satisfy one`s desires. The moment these desires ends , the relationship also ends. But the love of these gopis was selfless,immortal, they never loved krishna for their own self. They just loved him and there is no reason for this because love has no reason. This is ecstatic love which is divine.

When one will attain this stage of ecstatic love, he will become divine.All his devotees engage in devotional services to get this ecstatic love of godhead. An example of this was Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. He was in this stage. He has given us the way to achieve this stage and anyone can achieve this stage of ecstatic love. Only chant the name of the lord. Chant Hare krishna mahamantra ; Hare krishna Hare krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare; Hare Ram Hare Ram Ram Ram Hare Hare.

When one will attain this ecstatic love, he will be able to see his krishna in the lanes of vrindavan.