"The way you think and so you become"

Our vision effects our life a lot, whether its our in our professional life or our personal life. Our vision helps us to detect a person, through this vision only we build trust on others. What if there is a fault in this vision only? Will it be possible for us to judge anyone with full accuracy ? Will it be possible for all of us to trust a right person? NO.

Our way of thinking matters a lot in our lives. The way we think and so we become. If we think in a negative way , we are going to create a negative environment , effecting everyone in that environment. Also, this negativity acts like a magnet. It will attract all negative powers towards you. So, it is said not to think of any evil spirit at all, because they are full with negativity. The moment you will think of them , your negativity will create a negative environment . They are always attracted to negative environment. This is the reason why, some people comes face to face with these evil spirits in their lives. The reason is their negativity.

Also, your negativity is a main reason for your fear. Fear arises from negativity. The moment you will start thinking in a positive manner, your fear will go instantly. A person who thinks positively, not only gets success but also moves towards light. Positive energies take you to the light and negative energies takes one to darkness. Its up to you now, which way you want to go, towards light or towards darkness.

People who are religious , priests, devotees are enriched with positivity. The reason is they are engaged in worshipping the light, GOD. They move towards the light, which gives them positivity. Those who are ghost hunters  actually lives in negativity. Some of them might be so powerful that they don`t let the negative environment  tackle their positivity. But still they are in search of dark. So, while living in positivity  , they are in darkness. They don`t get even a glimpse of light.

So, it is always better to think positive also with a good motive. If your quest is for light , you will get that . If your quest is for darkness, you will get that. The choice is yours.

Also, our way of thinking affects our character, relationships, career,..etc. If our mind is full of lustrous thoughts , our character will get an impact of this. It is always advised especially to the youngsters, to think good to be good. Character is the most important thing in each ones life. Once, you lose it . You lose it forever. So, don`t think of anything that effects your character. Raise your thinking power and think positive and good. Don`t let any negative or bad thought confiscate your mind.

How does your thinking affect your relationships? It`s easy. We all think differently and sometimes due to our ego we do not pay attention to any ones else vision. This creates a chaos. When we will appreciate each one`s vision the problem will be over. 

This is how in our daily lives our way of thinking affects our lives. Some of us may not even pay attention to all these. But these tings should never be ignored. Your way of thinking can make your life or it can destroy your life. It is better to pay attention to our mind. Let it not be confiscated with evil, negative, lustrous, bad, jealous and destructive thoughts. The moment you see such kind of thoughts arising in you. Immediately erase them. There is a nice way to do so. If you believe in religion, then you can practise your religious activities. This will eradicate all your negativity and rejuvenate positivity. If your don`t believe in religious activities then you should practise meditation. This is the only thing which you can do. Meditation will help you to eradicate your negative thoughts and rejuvenate positivity.

One`s way of thinking changes ones life. It depends on the person what he/she chooses. Which results in rejuvenation or destruction. And therefore, it is said ' The way you think and so you become'.