What is religion?

What is your religion? Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christanity,..?
What is religion? Is religion a set of beliefs and practices?
No. Religion is characteristic . We all have our religion and we all have the same religion.
As we are not this human body, we are the souls and we all poses the same religion. Our original characteristic is our religion.

 What is our characteristic?( Keep in mind i`m not taking about this human body i`m talking about the soul). If you have ever observed , our original characteristic is to serve. We are the eternal servants of the lord. Do you know you are also a servant only? Whatever you do, you serve it for yourself or for someone else. You eat to serve your stomach, you sleep to serve your brain, you earn money to serve your family. A father is known as the head of the family but in actual he is the servant because he serves the whole family. We all are servants of each other whether we serve ourselves or someone else.We cannot live without serving anyone, we always serve ourselves. Even when you breath , you are serving your body.

We try our best to stisfy everyone but every time we fail. The reason is everyone is imperfect. We cannot satisfy anyone because we all our imperfect. Our desires are never ending, if one gets satisfied the other one immediately rises up. Therefore, we can never satisfy anyone. But we can satisfy god with our devotion because he is perfect. In Bhagwat Geeta, Lord Krishna says, who soever serves him a leaf, a flower, or a fruit he accepts it. This shows we can satisfy the lord with our devotion but we can never satisfy the people because we all are imperfect. Our true religion is to serve the lord. Serve him with your full devotion. Serve the lord in everyone ,in each and every creature because he resides in everyone and everyone resides in him.