Healthy fun meals for kids

Kids are the ones who like to eat something then only when they like it  otherwise they will not even touch it. We all know they are the big fans of junk food. But what if it becomes their habit? They will not have a healthy lifestyle and they will have to suffer a lot in future. As a parent, we all know that we are preparing our children for their upcoming lives.

 Not only their career but also we are responsible for their health conditions too. It is better to develop a healthy habit from the initiation only before it gets too late. Teaching your children healthy habits is not actually an easy task. Because even if you do not allow your child to eat junk food at home, they will somehow have it outside. Their friends may give them a treat and your efforts will go  in vain.

I myself have observed many times, parents provide their child a healthy tiff in but during the res ease, they are always in the canteen. One reason is they do not like the food given by their mother. And the another is we commonly hear this' My friend is giving a treat, today'. But do they know that it will affect their health? No food can be healthier than the one by a mother.

It`s time, for now, to teach them healthy habits in a new way. What if they like your food more than those junk foods? An amazing way. They will prefer your food. Even if your child wants to give a treat to his friends, ask him to give it at your home. You yourself can give them a good treat.

Children like the junk food the most. Make it at your place in a healthier way. They will not go to the canteen if you yourself give them a tasty lunch. Make a list of whatever he likes or dislikes. Then try to figure out , which one you can use in any other way so that he likes it.

Here are few points I`m giving which you can use :

  • Whatever food you are making use refined oil. I will recommend soya bean oil, sunflower oil or olive oil.
  • If you are making a burger and your child do not like veggies in it. Then chop the veggies properly and mix it properly with mayonnaise. So, he will not get to know about the veggies in it.
  • In pizza , prepare your own sauce with veggies. Make a paste of all the veggies you want to put on the pizza then add up some spices and mix them properly. Then fry them in a pan properly. Now, before putting the cheese put this on your pizza. And your child will eat all the veggies.If he asks what you have put , say that its a new recipe.
  • To make them drink more water, give them fruit drinks.
  • You can try new recipes on your own which are healthy and tasty too.
  • If they don`t like to drink milk, add on chocolates or add a supplementary drink in their daily routine.
  • Hide vegetables in that food, which they like the most.
  • Use less oil in your food.
  • Give your children sanitisers.
  • Do not allow them to eat from outside whatever they like to make it at your home.
  • You can make pizzas, burgers, sandwiches, cabbage rolls, dhoklas, and much more.
Making your child eating healthy foods and avoiding junk food is not an easy task. Foods they like the most are the junk foods only but these junks can be converted to useful things. 

Wants to know, how to make pizza at home see this'Make pizza at home' . It will give you a recipe.
So, now  it will not be a war to make your child eat healthy food. And when they will like your food more than those of outsiders ,they will eat your food rather than from canteen.

It takes time to develop a healthy eating habit and you have to put all your efforts to do so. Not only your child you yourself should avoid junk foods because unless and until you will not avoid it they will also not avoid it. It has been observed globally that major reason for obesity is the junk food only. Not only the children , adults also are in a habit of eating junk foods. So, to make your child`s future healthy you yourself have to adopt some healthy habits.

Make your child`s eating time a fun. If they will have fun in eating  they will definitely like to eat. But make sure one thing don`t let your child do overeat. Having a habit of overeating may affect your child`s health conditions badly. It is the time for your child`s growth. If your child does not eat properly , it will affect is overall growth. Try out something new every day.

You may have heard that pizzas , burgers,sandwiches and all are junk food but you can make them healthy. Just you have to make these on your own. Wants to see how to make cabbage rolls, go to 'Make cabbage rolls' . This is something very new. And it worked in my case. My brother did not like to eat cabbages and I maked him eat cabbages and he ate that without any resistance. (he is of 8 yrs old).

So, all these tips has worked in my case and I hope it will work in your case too. At the initials you have to make your child eat vegetables in a numerous way but when they will develop healthy eating habits, they will eat on their own.

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Every day trying something new is not actually so eay . Get a recipe book , it will help you to know new things for your family. And children will definitely like them. Here I have recommended for you.