How to add code in blogger post?

Popcash is one of the sites which allows CPM. Seriously CPM is the easiest way in blogging to earn. It pays you for per impression. If you are thinking to start with pop cash then you should do it and make a good profit of your huge traffic.

Yes, one thing you should remember that to earn money through blogging you should be having a huge traffic or else it would not give any profit.

Most of the CPM sites do not accept sites with less traffic but pop cash accepts almost all types of sites. So, if you do not have much traffic still your site will be approved by them.

But you have to grow your traffic in order to earn a huge profit.

So, now the first step is to sign up for pop cash.

You will see the dashboard now. Then click on websites under publishers and put your domain, category and other contents you wants to add on . Then click on add website.

Within one or two hours your site will be approved.

Now, see the tab containing dashboard and click on get a code. You can only add a code when your site gets approved otherwise you won`t be able to add code.

Choose your site and click get code. Then you will be able to see the code. Now, just copy the code and paste in your template or just go to layout . Add a HTML gadget and paste it there.
Its done and now you can easily earn through per impression.

All the best.