How to create your own blog?

 Are you in a fond of writing? Do you have a passion for writing? Do you want to live a boss free life?
If yes, then you are at a right place to give a turn to your career. Blog writing is not so famous as yet, there many people who are actually not aware of what it is. A blog is a place where you can express your feelings, share your talks with the world, share your knowledge.

Creating your own blog is not a very difficult task. It is damn too easy. If you are having your own website then you can start your blog from there only. If not, then too no need to worry. You can go to some other sites and create your own blog there. If you want to write just for your passion then you can go to Quora or tumblr . These sites allow you to create your own blog. You can get a domain from there and it is all free.
Also, is an excellent site to start up a new blog. It`s a free blog where you can design your site according to your wish and later if you want to monetise it you can do it by opening an account with word ads. For that you need to get a premium plan or a business plan. 

If you want to monetise your blog then you should create your blog on Blogger or . If you create a blog in blogger then you can monetise it by creating an Adsense account or also you can use affiliate links on it. and Quora does not allow affiliate links as is meant for the welfare purpose not for monetisation. Quora does not allow affiliate links for security purpose.

If you are a newbie and want to monetise your blog then I will suggest you Blogger, because you don`t have to pay for your blog host and domain. You can get your own domain later from other sites. is a self hosted website. there you have to get a blog host and a domain. If you are not willing to pay anything at the initial stage , then you can start your blog in Blogger.

How will you create your blog on these sites? It`s easy just go to these sites and create your account and the follow the procedure as they suggest. For creating a blog in Blogger make sure that you have a google account. I have given the sites above, you can go right from there and create your own blog.

Hope, this article helped you . Any query , you can post your comment and you will get the reply soon.
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