How to get traffic to your blog?

You are working on your blog day and night, giving your best, putting all your efforts but facing a challenge. Less or no visitors. If am right then don`t worry ,you are not the only one who faces this thing. There are lot many others like you who faces the same thing. A new blog usually faces this problem. So, what if you are not getting much traffic. Now, you have to grab it.

  • Share your posts on social websites. Social websites are a good source to drag a bulk of traffic to your blog. You can share your links on twitter, face book, google+,..etc. Especially on facebook you can share your post in lot many ways. Not only post in your time line, you should post in groups, in pages if you have any. You can boost your post, you can promote your website from your page.

  • Do guest posting. Guest posting brings lots of traffic to ones blog. Now, what is guest posting? Gust posting is , when you visit some one`s website having a good traffic and you write for his/her blog on his website. When you will write , people visiting his.her blog will get to know about your blog and they will also come to your blog. But you have towrite a good one for this.

  • Comment on others posts. Read others blogs and  put intelligent comments there. This will grab people`s attention and they will come to your blog.

  • Put  catchy headlines in your articles which can grab people`s attention. You can write statements, questions or you can put suggestions like 5 things ...6 ways...etc.

  • To get a good traffic you can also put up a fight in your blog. Like sharing your posts in that place from where you can get lot many oppositions. And for sure these oppositions will come to your blog and will comment on them.

  • One more thing, not only getting a  huge traffic is the only thing you have to do. You also have to hold on them . For that you have to write a good content. Write something which is useful to the people and be very honest . You have to build their trust on you. It doesn`t matter how much you write, what matters is how you write.

Last but not the least , write good content to impress your audience.Target your audience, for whom are you writing. Be honest and be frank. Reply to their comments. The question is on never that what do you write ? the question is on why do you write?. You have to write for your audience. Choose a topic in which you are interested in. Don`t choose just randomly thinking that this topic is easier . No, it won`t help you in the long run. 

Hope this will help you to get traffic and all the best.