Lose weight without exercise

This question may come to your mind, that without exercise is it possible to lose weight? The answer is yes, for sure it  is possible. You may be worried about your increasing weight day by day but don`t have for exercise. Don` t worry there is a solution for this also. You might have gained weight due to improper lifestyle and unhealthy diet. You can lose weight by adopting a healthy life style and a healthy diet.

Today I`ll tell you a diet plan. By following this you will lose weight very soon. I know it does not look good while being over weighted, it eats up our confidence. You can get your confidence back by following this diet plan:

  • Now, the first and foremost thing , you have to wake up early in the morning and make a habit of drinking water. There are people who takes tea or coffee  in the morning but I will suggest you to drink water as it will remove all your toxins from your body. Have a drink like carrot juice,beetroot juice or I will suggest you the best. Have a lemon honey juice. This is an excellent drink to lose weight fast.
How to prepare this drink? Very simple. Take a glass of warm water, add a half lemon and a few drops of honey along with that add a teaspoon of coriander paste( prepare this paste by crushing the fresh coriander leaves). Done. Have it daily in an empty stomach without skipping even a single day. . You will notice on your own with in a few days. Also, this drink is really very good for health. You might have heard people saying about this.

  • In break fast have only fruits and along with that you should have oats. Oats are good fat burners. And have a heavy breakfast because this is the starting of the day and you need more energy to work out the whole day. Have lots and lots of fruits which you can have. But avoid mangoes and bananas these contain sugar which will increase calories in your body. You can have apples,grapes,papaya,cucumber...etc. These are excellent fat cutters.

  • In the lunch time have a little food not so very little. You are not going to starve as starving won`t help you in any way or else it will gain your weight. Because after starving you will eat more than your normal diet. Have chapattis and Dal,pulses, healthy vegetables.

  • Use less oil to prepare your food and avoid mustard oil. Use refined oil ; sunflower oil, soybean oil and olive oil are the best i feel. Or if possible then have boiled food as it will help you to lose weight fast. Add salad to your meal.

  • As I have said in other articles too, avoid junk food. You have to avoid it as it is the major reason for your gaining weight.Please avoid it at least for a month. Since, you are not exercising you will take a little more time to lose weight.

  • Have green tea in the evening that's it and nothing else. You may feel hungry then drink water more and water. If you will drink water you will soon recognise a simultaneous decrease in your weight.

  • In dinner , have less food as you will not work any more and do not go to sleep immediately after your dinner. Have more salad in your dinner like cucumber, tomatoes,beetroot,cabbage. Your food should contain more salad.You may take lots of time to make a salad as it takes lots of time to cut those vegetables if you are not in a habit of cutting vegetables.  Here, is something below for you. You may like it.
 Have two chapattis and vegetables like brinjal,ladyfinger,carrot,radish,spinach,broccoli, pumpkin,cauliflower and ginger. All these are excellent fat burners.
  • During this dieting avoid curd,butter,ghee and other fatty products. You cane have paneer but not cheese. Have toned milk not full cream.Avoid sugar too, you can have natural sugar like apple, papaya these have natural sugar. Maintaining a healthy diet will result in simultaneous decrease in your weight.

  • Drinks lots and lots of water through out the day. And also before your every meal have at least one glass of water, so that you do not eat more and do not over eat this will store fat in your body. 
  • Do not have too much carbohydrate as this will store fat in your body and do not take too less as that will also result in storage of fat in your body. So, it is advisable to have not more than a bowl of rice(carbohydrate) a day.

  • Do not take a nap in between the day. There are many people who are in a habit of taking  a nap in between the day. If you will sleep more then it will convert your energy to fat and also make you lethargic. Do not over sleep or very small sleep. Both of them lead to increase in weight.

  • Stay always active and do you household work. I know you may not have time for exercise but this can be done with in your daily activities. Use stairs instead of lifts. Walk out to your work places which are not too far away. Ride on bicycles if possible.
This is a healthy dieting, it won`t ill affect your health. I will suggest not to take any pills which promises you to lose your weight. As they may have side affects too. Since, you want to lose weight without dieting it will take a little more time to show result. But for this you have to be very patient. And do not give up, may you are improving but if you give up all your efforts will go to vain.

Follow this diet for around 1 month or 20 days. Or it may take lesser time to show the results if you will follow this diet strictly. Do not give up. Do not skip even a single point given above. If you will follow the given diet , there are chances that you get best results with in 10 days. So, it is not impossible to lose weight without exercising. Just you have to be very patient and be rigid in your diet.

All the best, hope you get best results.