New treatments for anitboitic resistant bacteria

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As we all are aware of that antibiotics are used to kill bacteria causing illness and other diseases(know more about Antibiotics.) But recently it has been found that some bacteria are becoming antibiotic resistance. Now it has become hard to cure the illness and diseases causing from these bacteria.

It is a matter of great concern. Theses bacteria get spread easily from person to person. A person gets theses bacteria when contacted with contaminated hands, surfaces, or equipment. These bacterias cannot be controlled or killed but can be prevented.

Good personal hygiene. Minimise unnecessary prescribe or over prescribing of antibiotics. Know more about Antibiotic resistant bacteria

But a new remedy has been discovered that could help to fight the antibiotic resistant bacteria.

Recently , Aussie scientists have discovered that milk from marsupials knows as Tasmanian devils could help the global fight against the deadly increasing Superbugs, which resist antibiotics.

According to the recent British study, these superbugs cannot be treated with antibiotics and it can kill up to 10 million people globally by 2050.

In Sydney Universities , the scientist has found that peptides present in the milk of marsupial`scan kill resistant bacteria . Not only that it can kill methicillin- resistant golden staph bacteria and enterococcus that is resistant to the powerful antibiotic vancomycin.

Marsupial`s also known as Tasmanian devils, carry their young in a pouch after their birth to complete their development. The underdeveloped young have an immature system when they are born. Yet they survive and grow in their mother`s bacteria filled pouch.

As said by a PhD candidate at Sydney University, this is the reason for the expansion of these peptides in marsupials.

They have more peptides in comparative to other mammals. In them, it has been found six whereas humans have only one of this type of peptides.

Another research in other marsupials has shown that tammar wallabies have eight of these peptides and opossums have 12 .

To test this, the scientists had artificially created the antimicrobial peptides , called cathelicidins. After extracting the sequence from the devil`s genome, it has been found that they killed the resistant bacteria and other bacteria.

Netmeds INThis is in hope that marsupial peptides could eventually be used to develop new antibiotics for humans  to aid the battle against superbugs.

World Health Organisation has warned , some scientists were describing that superbugs can be a slow motion tsunami and the situation was bad and getting worse.

Now, for a while, it is a matter of relief that peptides of marsupials can be used to kill the superbugs. Most of the other antibiotics have come from plants,moulds, and other work that has been around for close to 100 years. Now it`s time to start looking elsewhere.