'People are dislodging small kidney stones by just going to Amusement parks'-see how?

Yesterday, when I was going through the newspaper a Headline caught my eyes.It was "A roller coaster remedy". I went through that article. It was amazing to know that treatment can be done through roller coasters. So, I thought to share with you all.

The number of kidney problems is rising day by day. Every second or the other person has stones in their kidneys and the treatment is, we all know that. Surgery or medicines. But you will be amazed to know that these problems can be treated by just riding on roller coasters.

Researchers have found that riding on roller coasters might be effective in dislodging kidney stones. Isn`t it interesting?
If you have this problem or anyone known to you is facing the same kind of have, no worry. The treatment is so simple. Now, the question is how it is treating the kidney stones?

According to the new study, it has been found that  rattling coasters with moderate intensity might be effective at dislodging the kidney stones in the outer ducts of the kidney and propelling them toward the ureter, the tube connecting the kidney and bladder. It has been said that riding this kind of roller coasters might help patients who have kidney seasonal that are five millimeters or less in diameter,

David Wartinger , a professor emeritus at Michigan State University. He was an author who went through the study said that he was inspired to do the study after seeing multiple patients who had passed kidney stones after going to an amusement park.

The actual idea behind this rattling coasters is to displace those little stones before they become large and cause a lot of pain and suffering. These shows that you treat your little kidney stones on your own by just going to an amusement park and taking a ride on a roller coaster.

Netmeds IN Now the next thing is , Was there any test behind this theory? Yes, of there was a test.
David teamed with March Mitchell, a urologist created a 3-D silicon cast of a patient's kidney.They filled their life-size model with kidney stones and urine .Then, they took twenty rides on Big Thunder mountain, with three stones in the model at a time.They held their model at kidney height.
They saw kidney stones moving from the periphery of their kidney model toward the top of the ureter in many cases. The success rates were higher in the back of the roller coaster than the front.

This way the experiment succeed and this was concluded. Now, no worry if you are suffering from this problem then you have this simple remedy. But if you have medical issues like blackouts,vertigo, etc relating to coaster rides then better to avoid it.
Now as per the solution was given, small kidney stones can be dislodged by rattling coasters. I found the news really interesting, share your thoughts by commenting below.
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