Rapid weight lose within 20 days (no dieting)

An overweighted person is at a higher risk of getting diabetic,high cholesterol,stroke,high blood pressure and many more. It is better to take the precautions at the right time. It has been observed that an overweighted person is more inactive in comparison to a normal person. To get one`s activeness back ,one should lose weight. If you are facing the same,  then don`t panic. Here is a solution for you to lose weight rapidly without dieting. Just you need you exercise a lot.

  • Don`t oversleep : It has been observed that oversleeping tends to store fat in our body. And also, if you sleep more you feel lethargic the whole day. So, if you wants to lose weight then it is advisable for you , not to sleep more than 7-8 hrs a day.Also, don`t sleep too little because there are some people who gain weight due to poor sleeping.

  • Walk on to your work places if possible. You may not get much time for exercise then you can do exercise in your daily activities. There is another option you can use bicycles, why don`t you ride bicycles. Get on the Raahgiri every sunday.

  • Use stairs instead of lifts.It has been truly said that scientific inventions has made us lethargic. Due to our lethargy we hesitate to use stairs. Well, not only you I will say everyone should use stairs instead of lifts leaving out some exceptional cases.It will help in breakdown of your calories.You will lose your maximum calories in this process. Also, it will make your bones more stronger.

  • Drink lots and lots of water. It removes toxins from your body and also maintain your body temperature. Sometimes due to improper decomposition, our weight appears more. Drinking more water will lead to a proper decomposition of your body waste.

  • Wake up in the morning for exercise and do it. If not push ups and all. You can use trade mill. Run on trade mill , it will be quite interesting for you if you are doing it the first time. Be careful while using a trade mill. Walk for at least 30 minutes everyday in the morning.

  • Lemon honey water: You might have listen people talking about it. Warm water with half a lemon and a few drops of honey is an excellent drink to loose weight. Adding 1 teaspoon of coriander paste will boost up the action. A very few people knows about it. If you will add coriander paste in your drink you will see a rapid weight lose.Have this drink daily in an empty stomach. 

  • Exercise daily on a regular basis, avoid not to skip. Since, you are just a beginner don`t do all things at a time. You can begin with some simple ones. I will suggest do skipping or you can get some exercising equipments at your place. Using them for your exercise, you will soon get to see the results.

  • Avoid overeating. When you do over eating, it convert your energy to fat. So, instead of gaining energy into your body you gain lots and lots of fat.Eat less and eat frequently. This will avoid your overeating.

  • Don`t have rice more than a bowl a day as having too much carbohydrate will store fat in your body and having too less carbohydrate will also store fat in your body.

  • Avoid junk food as to lose weight the first foremost condition is to avoid these junk foods. You can have once in a weak that too a very little. You have to sacrifice a little bit. Although you are not doing dieting but still you have to avoid junk food in order to lose weight otherwise all efforts will go to vain.

If you want to lose weight with out any kind of dieting then it is preferable to do more exercise on a regular basis. I will not suggest you to go for a gym because as soon you will leave your gym, you will become the same as you were. So, better to do it at your place only. Exercise at least 1-2 hrs a day. Also, you can get some equipments at your place for the purpose of exercise.Here is some thing recommended for you below.

I`m sure if you will follow the tips you will lose weight with in 15-20 days . Also, you may lose weight with in 10 days. But yes, you have to be sincere. Don`t give up. Appreciate yourself everyday. You will see definitely good results.

All the best.