Best way to take care of skin in winters

Every season has its own speciality. There are some whom we like the most and there are some whom we do not like at all. Winters are very special for me and I like it the most. The chilly weather with new festivals, and bringing up of the new year. All these things are awesome for me. There are few things which require special attention during winters. We become lazier, we lack drinking water, our body-mind everything needs special attention. The same is with your skin.

During winters our skin become more dull, rough and dry. The care which we used to take in summers won`t work now. It needs something else, something more special.
We all use winter products to protect our skin but it needs some other things too.

  • First of all, you should use that winter cream which is best for your skin. Also, there are home remedies too if you are not willing to apply chemicals on your face. You can apply ghee, milk cream, butter on your face. You might be thinking that it will smell bad. Don`t worry you do not need to apply it like your face creams and keep for the whole day. There are other procedures for that. If you are using milk cream or ghee, then you should apply it in the morning then keep it for 10-15 minutes. After, that wash it properly with bar or any face wash you use. You will notice that there won`t be any smell and it will keep your face moisturised the whole day.

  • The next thing is your body lotion or body oil. Nowadays people are using body oils. You can do that. And as you know there are a few best old answers for new age problems. The another old remedy for this is the coconut oil. I have heard people saying the benefits of this. And I myself have observed a lot. It makes your skin glowing and it has natural SPF 10. So, in winters too you will get SPF.

  • The most important thing which we often do not pay much attention during winters,  drinking more and more water. It is quite difficult in these days because the more you drink water the more you feel cold. So, you can have warm water. This will make you more comfortable and will also keep you warm. 

  • Another thing is exercise. Ooops, exercise that too in winters. 
Exercise will keep your body active and will also help in blood circulation. Yeah, it's true that it is hard to wake up in the morning and do exercise but you have to do it. Well, there are some other ways too. You can have music system on while exercising. If you are a dancer or like to dance then its a great thing. You can enjoy your exercise time. Exercise not only means push-ups and all. Dancing is a good part of it.
  • Do not sleep over 7 hrs a day because the more you will sleep, the more you will gain your weight. Even don`t lack sleep it may also lead to increase your weight. Also, if you have a proper sleep it will revitalise your skin and makes it glow.

  • Substitute your normal tea with green tea. I always prefer green tea because the benefits one get from it are uncountable and also intake of tea is not healthy. Researchers have found that it reduce your calcium and iron. So, in winters or in summer you should intake green tea.

  • Nighttime is the best time for your skin to revitalise. So, that time is too precious for your skin. Brolin has always be known for its benefits. Brolin can do amazing things for your skin. It will repair your skin at night and also revitalise it for a healthy glow. 

  • If possible then do not take bath in hot water, You can use warm water. Hot water actually takes the moisture from your skin. So, it is advisable to use warm water instead of hot water.
These all were a few things which you should do follow in winters to take special care of your skin.Your natural beauty is the real beauty you have and it is your duty to maintain it. Winters are meant for enjoying the sun.Do, go but take care.