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Life is a journey full of struggles and miseries, and success is the reward for all these struggles. We all do struggle a lot in our daily lives in order to get our aim. Sometimes we do succeed and sometimes we do not. A person who has failed a number of times has more talent than the one who has succeeded in the first attempt. It is true that if one has never failed, then he had never learned.

Failure is not a threat but an opportunity to discover yourself, to know and analyse yourself.
Sometimes we do try a lot, we do work hard but still, we do not get the success. What could be the reason? Is that because our hard work was not enough or something else?

One can learn from his mistakes, only if he works on his drawbacks. If you are not working on your drawbacks then you can never achieve your goal.One thing you should understand that whoever you are, a student, a businessman or anyone. If you want your success then you have to analyse yourself. You have to know all your strength and weaknesses. You have to know about your opportunities and threats.

Today I am writing on self-analysis. A week ago I had attended a workshop on this, conducted by Dr Sandeep Jain. In that workshop, I got an important key which is needed to attain our success. You might have seen people asking about how to get success? I would say the question itself is wrong. The question should be off instead how to analyse yourself? If you know your strength and weaknesses then you can achieve whatever you want.

We all know about SWOT analysis. You might have heard about it a lot, in schools or any other premises but did you really ever analysed yourself? Did you got your strength ?.

First of all, what is the strength? Is that any kind of energy or any kind of power? 
The answer is the strength is nothing but the absence of weakness. The moment you will abolish your weakness you will gain your strength. We usually think in a way like, " I am good at this and that so this is my strength or I am not good at this or that area so that is my weakness."
The thinking process is itself wrong. Weakness arises only at that place where there is a lack of attention. And strength is always there but your weakness hid it from everyone.

One thing you should know about SWOT analysis is that it is nothing but a thinking process which can change your life and can do wonders. If you are a struggler and you want your success to be in your hand then you should do your SWOT analysis. 

Now the question is how to do it? It's a matter of great sorrow that in our daily running lives we do not get much time to know ourselves, to think about ourselves, to analyse ourselves. And analysing oneself should be the first and foremost thing to be done. To analyse yourself, sit alone for a while. Switch off all your mobile phones and do a meditation. Close your eyes and think deeply what all you have done, how should have been done and what were the drawbacks? The moment you will rectify yourself you will get your strength.

SWOT Analysis contains four elements: Strength, Weakness, Opportunity and Threat.
We have already talked about the first two elements, not let us talk about the other two. 
The first thing here we have to know is what is an opportunity and what is a threat?
Opportunity and threat both are contradictory but both are always there in the same circumstances.
Opportunity is your positiveness which takes you beyond and a threat is your negativity which makes you fall. Your positivity brings you an opportunity and your negativity brings your threat.
The more positive you are the more you get opportunities and the more negative you are the more you get threats.

Now, for example, a person is working in a cafeteria and he has got a chance to participate in a television singing competition. Here if he is positive and think" I can become a singer if I go there" So this is an opportunity for him. But if he thinks in a way like" I may not win that competition and also I can lose my job " So, this will be a threat for him. This person has got an opportunity as well as a threat. 

Many people think that we can get success only if we can eliminate our threats and choose out the opportunities. But we should understand this very well that threats bring opportunities and opportunities bring threats.

It depends on us, how do we perceive them. If you have threats in your lives then you have opportunities too. But what if we do not have any kind of threats? We won`t proceed further. In that situation don`t wait for god to create threats for you. Create your threats on your own. You may think that why I am saying to create threats instead we should create opportunities? But it is also true that threats bring opportunities with itself and it is easier to create threats than to create opportunities.

So, to get your success you have to analyse yourself. Know your weaknesses and bring out your strength from that. Similarly, create your own threats and get your opportunities. Talk to yourself for at least once in a day and you will know a lot about yourself. SWOT analysis is an important element in our lives which plays a vital role in our success.

 Do it for yourself and you will know the results.


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