Best 5 skin lightening winter cream

Winters are special indeed and your skin too. Skin lightening is the latest craze all over the world. Well, i will say you should not run behind others. You should be happy with yourself, you are unique,you have your own complexion and that is the best.
When it comes to skin lightening, nobody does a magic it just reduce melanin in your skin. Melanin is a cell which protects your skin from harmful rays but excessive melanin results in darkening of the skin. All the skin lightening products in the market try to reduce this melanin in your skin. You cannot change your complexion but can get your glow back.

In winters your skin needs special care. Mostly winter products make your skin dull. But there are some products too which won`t give you the same. In summers you do use skin lightening creams which lighten your complexion but all goes to vain if in winters your skin looks dull. Don`t worry, there is no need to use those winter creams.

Here the best 5 winter creams with effective skin lightening, which you should try.
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This is one of the winter cream which I like the most. It has shea butter which is composed of natural ingredients that help to regenerate and nourish skin.  It gets absorbed easily.The most amazing thing about this cream is the coconut, it moisturizes well and also lightens the skin with regular use.  

This is a skin lightening cream with a good moisturizer. So, you can use it in winters as well as in summers. The specialty of this cream is it fights acne and hyperpigmentation. So, this is a perfect winter cream as well summer cream if you face acne problems.It gets absorbed easily and does not remain oily. Use regularly twice on a clean face to get best results.

It prevents the formation of free radicals. It alleviates skin tone variations caused by exposure to UV rays.It reduces dark spots and moisturizes skin with effective skin lightening ingredients. It gets absorbed easily and does not leave greasy texture.

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    It is a powerful whitening cream with effective skin lightening
    ingredients.It is an excellent facial moisturizer and sunblock.
    It is an excellent remedy to remove age spots, freckles, and uneven skin tone.
    It also protects from harmful rays and moisturizes your skin.It get easily absorbed
    and best for winters.
These were the best 5 winter creams with effective skin lightening which I like the most. You 
can also try any of them/ Remember do a patch test before using any beauty product.
See you again in my next post.
Fair lovely is already popular in India, it has all the ingredients to give effective skin lightening results. It moisturizes well and protects your skin from UV rays. Best for all skin types.