The vicious cycle of Karma

Karma, What is karma?
Spiral Staircase Spiral Staircase ArchitecA simple answer which we hear from people is work. How can we define work?
Work is what we do, willingly or unwillingly, consciously or unconsciously.

Work can be defined in many ways and the results are always according to them. If you will bow a seed of a neem tree , it will grow up as a neem tree. It won`t become a mango tree.
We all know what we do is what we get.But still there is a question, Do this cycle ever ends?

Whatever we have done, we will get that back and the cycle goes on. Take an example. As per Bhagwat Geeta, If you kills an animal in your present life. The animal shall kill you in return in some other life. So, the cycle continues. And never ends.

This is not our first life, we are not at all new to the world. It's just we have forgotten everything. In every life we take birth, we learn to speak, walk , eat, we grow up, get educated, earns money, get married, have children, grow old and faces death.

After that, as per our deeds, we take another birth and the cycle continues. It has been so long for all of us being here in this 'vicious cycle of karma' also known as 'karma Bandhan', that we all have forgotten our actual identification.

In every life we keep on working even if we don`t want, still, we had to work. And we are caught in this vicious cycle. If you think deeply you, yourself have seen so many things in your life, sometimes you may feel a few things to be very easy and others being very difficult.

The reason is you don`t remember them. In actual you already know everything, but you have forgotten them due to  illusion. The things which you remember slightly seems easy and the things which you do not remember appears to be difficult.

Everything is there in our minds, but we have to realize them . Realizing your own self is the knowledge of eternality. And we all are in that quest. Our journey will not end until and unless we realize ourselves.

The bonding of this karma Bandhan is so tight, that even if we try millions of our lives, to get out of it we won`t succeed. It is possible to break this vicious cycle only by the please of the lord.

To get out of this cycle of karma, Is it worthy to be karma heen or work less?
The simple answer is no. Karma is not only earning money, working for the house. Even you breathe, not, eat sleep these are also karma.
Why are we caught in this vicious cycle of karma? Because our own mind is attached to the outcomes. When we eat we do expect our stomach to get full. If it not, we eat more. Its such a small example. In our daily lives , we do so many things and behind each and every thing there is ran expectation. And this expectation has made us caught in this web.

As Lord Krishna says , in Bhagwat Geeta. One can easily release own self by doing work with out expectation. That means no attachment with the results. This is the only way , through which we can be out of this web.

The power of this illusion is so strong that even if a person tries to get out of it , the person gets caught again and again. It seems to be difficult , to do something without expectation.

One cnanot become a sidhda yogi, in first attempt. Seekers practice since many births then they are able to get what they want. Freedom form this cycle. This cycle of karma has lead us fall in the circle of births and death.

A simple difference between a materialistic person and a spiritual person is that , one knows himself and the other one don`t. And this simple difference makes both of their lives too drastic. One laugh in tears and the other one cry in pain and sufferings.

It is hard for a materialistic person to understand this cycle. Only a spiritual person can understand this concept of karma. Because the spiritual person has realized himself and the material person is still in the dream.

What is that dream? That dream is this illusion. A simple example of illusion given in Shrimad Bhagwat Purana will make the concept more clear. Consider a container filled with clean water, is placed under the dark sky. The reflection of moon will appear in that container.
By seeing that reflection, a small child can think that there are two moons. One is , in the sky and the other one is in this container.

But the reality is too drastic. In actaul there is only one moon and the other one is just an illusion.
Same is with all of us. The reflection is this world and the small child is we. Due to illusion we consider the joy being in the materialistic things but the reality is the joy is in the bliss. And bliss is God himself.

From many of our lives, we all are carving for joy , bliss. But we never got that and caught in the cycle of karma. Because we were searching for the right in the wrong place.Whatever we see is just an illusion , what really exist is God himself.

The supreme power, which governs the universe is God himself. A spiritual person shall never be confused with a religious person. A spiritual person can be a religious person or may not be. And religious person can be a spiritual person or may not be.

Religiousity helps one to become spiritual. Only if the person is not misdirected. If the person is misguided , the person may caught in the worst web. It is truly said that hell and heaven are made by us only. Our deeds decides our future.

Self realization is a must, when you will know yourself, you will be able to know the truth.
The cycle of karma is never ending and it can end only when our mind will get detached from this material world.

Don`t have expectations from any thing. Let it come the way it wants. You will get what you had done. Expectations will attach your mind with this material world. Stop expectations, your mind will slowly get detached and sooner you will be able to realize your self.You will be able to come face to face with the truth.


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